Ragdolls won't save

I’m running Vista on 32bit.

Everything works fine on Gmod aside from the occasional crashes and common problems.

But on single player, after spawning a couple HL2 Character Rebel Models that have a black camo instead of the canon- greenish tan, they won’t seem to save.

I did a lengthy pose, composing of only 3 ragdolls.

I clicked save.

Then loaded it up a day later.

Only to find them all gone, and the props I spawned were all okay.


Edit: Oh and ask me if you need to know anything else. I was thinking this might be a fairly common problem with a fix I haven’t found.

I don’t think Ragdolls have ever saved for anyone.


I swear I could remember it saving-…

Edit: Can someone confirm this for me?

I’ve saved ragdolls. Hell, just a few minutes ago I loaded a save with ragdolls in it.


Solutions + Possible causes?

I recently downloaded Larry’s Ultimate Weapons Pack, Kermite’s Realistic Weapons pack, and Wystan’s Magless weapons



Only seems to happen on models that didn’t come with HL2.