I have a disgraceful amount of ragdolls and have been searching google for them for the past 2 hours with minimum results

can you guys dump some ragdolls for me ?

Since you never said what you were looking for, I’m going to give you this.

ive tried garrysmod.org and downloaded all the ragdolls i could find

i basically just want tons of em i dont care where theyre from

How about these?

Can you use models as ragdolls ?

Yes, all playermodels / NPCs have ragdolls.

Can you explain why you want a few thousand ragdolls?

I Make Gmod Comics

Google is your best friend.

There are probably a bunch of them.

If i remember correctly, shotgunguy49 made an svn pack of player models, and for every player model, there is a ragdoll.

I know i’m probablly in the wrong place here, but i’m having trouble with ragdolls for Gmod in general. I have downloaded a handful of ragdolls thus far with a winrar. (ex. DOA girls, Rikku, some of the fake factory stuff too) Trouble i’m having though is I cant find them anywhere in Gmod once i download. Just to clarify, that is my specific problem, i dont know WHERE to look once i supposedly get them in game.

Some of them might have a spawnlist, if they don’t look in the “Browse” tab of the spawnmenu.