Are there any good tutorials for setting up ragdolls with Source 2? Kept trying to get bones and such right with phys capsules etc but couldn’t quite get them good enough, was wondering if anyone has any good sources.

Let me know if this helps

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I don’t know any good way and from what I’ve seen it’s all done manually, but here are some tips:

  • Use the “generate ragdoll parts” node to get all shapes and joints done quickly
  • Right click the joint shapes and “replace” them with any shape you want
  • The scaling, rotations and translations are relative to the bone, so you can just copy a bone and assign it to its mirrored counterpart to have it set up correctly (mostly)
  • Don’t care too much about details, it’s very approximate, valve’s own collision meshes suck
  • Press “T” to go into translate mode to move the spheres (or the capsule points) by either a singular axis by using the arrows or by all except one by selecting the squares.
  • Show the bone names by using the little guy icon (skeleton settings) on top

I did all this, I think it’s about finetuning it. I spoke with papa brickolini who said what you said basically and thank you for taking the time to type this out, only problem is that my ragdoll ends up stiff as a board, even if I resize the bones to be like humanlike bones, way smaller and disabling limb collisions. I usually use capsules/spheres.

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That’s odd, I only came across 3 problems so far so I don’t have much experience, when that happened to me it was because I tried to use a source 1 style collision mesh.

Maybe somewhere it’s set as a static prop, either way if you start anew and only use the default stuff (add mesh, add material, add ragdoll parts) then it should work, if it doesn’t then I’m afraid it might be something with your settings or game.

Here’s an example of my last results:

I’ll keep trying to mess with it.