RAGE About garrysmod updates...

Okay, after gmod patch 81 my server has been fucked up totally… First everything clientside was broken, I done both of azui’s fixes (Datastream.lua updated, added something to nosend file etc.) Then everything magically started to work, I didnt even steam update or SVN update… Then, today I installed new addon and all stuff fucked up again, same problem again what got magically fixed…

Console errors:

DataStreamClient: Unhandled stream ULibRPC!
DataStreamClient: Unhandled stream ULibRPC

Alot of unhandled usermessage-errors


See http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=947510

specifically these steps:

  1. Verify that the .dua cache file is being generated on the server in the cache/ folder.
  2. Verify that the client is downloading the .dua cache file from the server into the client’s cache/ folder. This means turn on sv_allowdownload or make sure the cache file is copied into your fastdownload.
  3. Run dump_luafiles on both the server and client to verify the files are there.
  4. Check the cache/ folder on the server for a .txt file, which may signify there was an error creating the datapack.