Kyle and I collab’d and made a RAGEBIKE. figured it’d be good because hardly anyone makes motorcycles. winston told me that easy p’s sliders don’t fuck up like regular sliders, so I tried them out for the front suspension, and it works beautifully.


it’s fun to drive around, it slides one way because of the sidecar

Awesome, what models are the spikes?

And Easy Precision’s sliders? A tutorial is in order.

they’re gibs, and for sliders, uncheck move/rotate and select slider. click between two points. bang. you can even set their width.

If you crash one of those, your head will be on those spikes.


That is the most bad-ass contraption I have seen on here for a wile.

Damn that is extremely sexy :buddy:


i like it very much.

Looks pretty awesome. Love the design.

Why does this remind of Judas Priest’s Painkiller?

That is fucking badass

Awesome ! :smiley:

Kick ass choppa! Can it do any wheelies? And what’s the point of having so many spikes?

Did I hear easy P sliders work beautifully? I, too, demand a tutorial!

Also, video plox! We demand it! :smiley:


The motor goes FFFFFFFUUUUUUU.

I’d love to fuck that skull.

Post-apoc season :downs:

Lol, awesome mohawk.

Good to know about the sliders.

And that is one sick chopper, badass man.