Rage Community Roleplay Mod

Now this is not a DarkRP Edit. I Promised Jamie I would post a thread up on the current RP Mod I have been working on. I didn’t look or edit any RP Script. I mean, yea, I took ideas from KurpScript, PERP, and SEOW ( SUPEr-EPIC-OMG-WTF). My goal of this RP Mod is to make it feel un-strict but fun. And non-faggots play it and fuck it up. You guys should give me some ideas. Like the housing I was thinking of making it savable. BUT It’s just rentable now. So I don’t know what to do. Oh yea, There is no more of the bullshit $60 for each door. If you rent a property, you rent THE PROPERTY

Ok, I use to play a lot of ‘Specialists’ also known as ‘HarbuRP’. I loved HarbuRP. On my old account (-Badboy-) I made 2 RP Mods that were just fail. (HL2 RP & iRoleplay). But that was 2 years ago. I have gotten so much better at coding and I promised to make a better RP Mod, so … here it is. I hope you guys don’t flame the shit out of it like my old ones.

• Property
• Bank Account
• Job Seller Dude
• Cars ( Ghetto -> Cool )
• Inventory
• Drugs
• Characters (Each have different Inventory and shit)
• I combined the fists and keys because I got annoyed switching back and forth
• Knockouts
• Talkarea
• Stamina
• Hunger ( true=on | false=off )
• Maybe Fires
• You don’t have to shove the arrest stick up somebody’s ass just to arrest them
• No bullshit ‘/job’


You spelled business wrong.

This looks pretty good. I might give it a go sometime.

It happens

Also, You spelt ‘spelled’ wrong

Ohh the irony. I like it because it looks clean, but is that how it runs?

Yes, as of the tests now. It is smooth and stable and has never bugged yet.

You spelled spelt wrong, since it’s not a word.
By the way, this doesn’t look like anything special. Just another RP gamemode.


Look it up smart guy


It happens. I spell stuff wrong when I’m coding. I’m not perfect. But if I was I would be like Mr. Ghast over there

Half of this looks like it’s from kuromeku (However you spell it)

Looks good but the menu’s are a little bit plain.

Anyways i always like your work Annoyed Tree.

WTF is wrong with you.

Hey not to be an annoyance or anything, but plain derma is horrible, why not make your own panels?

I love it how we go completely ignore the Racism to complain about how he spelled “Business”…
Looks nice, one thing i hate in RP gamemodes is the over complicated Derma crap, and bumpy play ( Didn’t explain that very well )
This looks like a smooth, well presented gamemode. Oh and whoever said they don’t like derma… Why put the effort into making new vgui elements, when Derma looks damn great when placed in the right hands =/

I like it.

This one’s good. Keep it on, but…
Can you actually holster your Hands, cause this looks really annoying…

Best released RP mod I’ve seen.

Good job.

There is no download link, therefore this is not a release.


Do the bought properties save like in HarbuRP?

Eh. I swear I saw a download link. Nevermind then. Still looking amazing though.

Isnt this pretty much like Pulsar effect?

It might just be me