Rage Large Mutant

If anyone has ripped it, can they please post a model image of the Large Mutant from Rage? I have good images of most of the other characters I want (The protagonist, Loosum, Small Mutants, Authority, etc.), but I cannot, for the life of me, find a good one of the Large Mutant

Loosum isn’t available. The developers of the toolkit withheld some assets and Loosum’s textures are part of what they kept.

Is this the mutant you’re talking about…


No Loosum? NOOOO! Damn.

Well either that mutant, or this one:

This is a large one too. :slight_smile:

That’s the one I’m talking about; the one dragbody shows is called “Giant Mutant”

I found the textures for it. The mutant is called “Berry” in the game files. I’ll post an image soon.

EDIT: Got him.


Thanks a lot, mate!

Edit: I always feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he saw the Predator’s face whenever I look at these guys lol

Edit 2: This is completely optional, but if you could also post a good model image of his weapon, that would be great. But like I said, it’s optional; you don’t have to if you don’t want to

sorry, I am new here, don’t mean to bump.
So is Rage’s models and texture now ready to be ported out?? thanks!!