Rage Moar! #1

Admit it,this happened to you at least once.


rage faces are not, i repeat



no that has never happened to me

Yeah it has happend to me, I trod on some dog shit once and half of Essex exploded, the news cover-up were those summer riots last year. Seriously this shit is old.

Also this being #1 this worrys me there’s gonna be more.

Seeing that no one likes it,i will not make any more then

I just don’t think its thread worthy.

Or you know, you accept criticism and improve.

remember the ORIGINAL rage comics? everything after that is pure garbage

i’m gonna go smash my face into something

If you are making something like that - at least pose and edit a little bit better.

Please stop.

Awww, poor LuaHelper is being pounded from hostile posts.

Come on be more positive, you saw a rage face it’s not the end of the world and you really don’t need to be assholes.

Why should he if this section and basically fp hates rage faces.

If you want to smash your face into a wall because a person who probably lives thousands of miles away posted an image containing something you despise then go get help.


No wonder newcomers leave and never come back.

I get the feeling you don’t like us

There must be something wrong with you because

you didn’t see what i said was a joke.
do you know what a joke is?

I don’t even know you people why would i dislike you?

This sub-forum was made for people to post their gmod pictures(videos or comics too) and for other people to critique said pictures in effort for the poster to improve. A lot of the posts in this thread are harsh and direct attacks to the OP who didn’t mean any offence. Most newcomers get crude criticism like:“improve hurrrr durrr” or “ur horrible stop posting lololol” or just flat out insults because someone has a superiority complex.

I improved and became who i am through constructive criticsm from friendly people not this.

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How could i tell in this thread.

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I mean seriously how could i? Regardless of your lack of punctuation, more users posted in a serious manner like joazzz and you also got 2 agrees from people who also didn’t get the joke.

i get the feeling nobody likes me

internet tough guy

Its´s actually the newcomers that says retarded things like “lololololol you suck”.

If a newcomer acts in an immature manner and is negative to your criticism then you should advise him to drop his negative attitude and if he still doesn’t comply then moderators will take it from there. I see a lot of newcomers accept the criticism they get including luahelper who apparently was misunderstood and a lot of users being aggressive towards the newcomer. So yea, it has been said so many times and i am repeating the same words.

It would have been good without the rage face.