RAGE mod kit is out, can we get RAGE models now?

The development kit for RAGE finally came out, I’m having a little trouble getting it to work, but is it now possible to port models from RAGE to Garrysmod? I haven’t really gotten a chance to look at the RAGE mod kit, can someone do a little hunting around for us?

I mean, the mod kit is 35GB. They’ve gotta be hiding something in there.

Must have the individual texture sources I imagine.

Seriously need that Doom bobblehead for my modelhack though if anyone manages to get it.

Have you even read the documentation that came with the toolkit? you have to run buildAssets.cfg in game and it will decompress the models and other content. it can take “20 to 60 minutes”. And the tool kit is 13.7Gb if you already have Rage installed.

Can`t see it in tools section.


So by decompressing will it also dump textures for each model or is it all still on one huge unusable sheet?

I doubt it, wouldn’t that add up to massive amounts of space?

Like I said, I haven’t managed to get my hands on the toolkit yet.

their models use separate textures (you can paint over that with a megatexture apparently which is quite nice), decompressing the content adds another 6 Gb tho.

Bethesda said to “look out for it in the tools section”. So, according to Bethesda’s way of doing things, you may get to see it within the next month if you’re lucky and live in the US.

I only have tool options for games I own in the Steam tools section, so it seems most likely that you have first own RAGE before you can get the toolkit.

Even though I responded last to this thread, I thought it worth mentioning in a bump that I picked up RAGE from Gamestop today for $10, installed it, and the toolkit option then became available in Steam. And to confirm, YES,* the toolkit allows you to open the textures with no problem at all*. It’s very, very simple.

I haven’t figured out how the models work with the toolkit yet, but it doesn’t matter. There was an import script for Blender available on xentax so the models are a piece of cake too.

EDIT: http://t.imgbox.com/adylKzvH.jpg

  • The toolkit gives you all the textures unpacked in easy tga format. It’s really simple to get what you need.
  • A blender import script for the md6 models can be found here: http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=7488&hilit=rage+md6&start=30.
  • I had to flip the UVs horizontally to get them to work.
  • You will need to manually separate mesh pieces to match them up with the proper textures. I just combined all double vertices, then separated all loose parts. This made it pretty easy.

Can you do me a huge favor and get the doomguy bobblehead?

If someone could extract this balloon robot I’d appreciate it:

I think at one point this thing was meant to attack you. I’ve always wondered: Why is an object in the background that most people don’t even notice more detailed than level assets that are reused again and again like the couch, vending machine, computer, etc.

Probably because it got canned before it would have gotten an optimization pass.

Awesome work dude. Can you tell us the actual file locations for models and textures?

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Oh, also, do you think you could maybe re-upload that blender importer, so people who haven’t registered don’t have to do so?

Not every model is in md6 format and can be imported to blender with the script from xentax. Also, the md6 files that come with the mod tool kit don’t work with the import script. You have the unpack the .RESOURCES archive and extract them yourself. It’s rather annoying.

Anyway, I don’t see the bobblehead in the game files nor do I see the bot. I also won’t re-upload the importer. Everyone who wants it should register at xentax. That community is the reason a great deal of gmod content exists.

Didn’t mean to come across as a stingy bigot, I signed up for xentax a while ago but after a little debacle with my overprotective parents they change the passwords to all my online forum accounts. I’m not even supposed to be on this one.

Well, that’s your fault for allowing them to do that. Just make a new account.

I suggest installing a keylogger for yourself in the future so you can obtain the new passwords when your parents invade your personal space and change them.


I did manage to find the model for you, I also sent dragbody some info on where he might find the textures. So hopefully he’ll be able to get those to you.

That is a custom texture made for the model tribalizer posted. I haven’t been able to locate the real things.

EDIT: Let me clarify that this texture was made by someone at xentax, not me.

No hurry, my main computer is dead right now so I can’t do much modelling anyways. But yeah, if you can get original textures that would be cool.

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I have that saved already, I was hoping the guy that ripped it would send me the rip but he never replied to my PM.