RAGE model ripping

Does anyone know a method of ripping RAGE models? I don’t mind if it’s just static models I can make a decent rig.

If I recall correctly, the game should have some sort of editing kit that you can extract the models from. However, if memory serves me right, people that were trying to port from RAGE in the past gave up after finding that the textures for the game are contained on a single megatexture that’s (at least from their standpoints) practically impossible to open due to the sheer size of the file alone.

This looks like a dumb technique, it’s so impractical.

It may seem stupid, but it’s a method that’s meant to allow larger amounts of detail and variation over larger areas with comparatively less RAM usage as a result.

They had Wolfenstein TNO megatextures cracked open, I don’t see how RAGE could be much different. Albeit, extracting stuff from Wolf was a pain.

I myself have kinda been lurking around hoping to find more people interested in RAGE

Yeah, I woud like to extract the gang models and that Loosum Hagar (or something like that) lass, if you know someone or know how to deal with megatextures please tell me.

Loosum is sadly not included in the toolkit and cannot be removed. I’ve had a few models open in blender and 3dsmax but yeah, no luck with textures

this might help you out my hard work was spent on this map

My fav picture that was made by me chromastone10 <3

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