this what MW2 does to you

MW2 makes you retarded?

This is just terrible.
What is the point?

he got pwned in MW2 so he raged too hard im a newbie to poseing in gmod

Well then come back when you can make poses that actually look like human beings and not haphazardly thrown around ragdolls

I misread “rape”.

MW2 makes you horrible at making Garry’s Mod screenshots?

No, that’s the requirement to play it on daily basis.

Good, at least you showed us the best way for a MW2 nerd to succeed in life => Suicide.


So you tossed a ragdoll on the ground and painted some blood on and around him?

Lotta effort…

This is the best fucking picture I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

The stupidity of this is making me want to play MW2.

But i have Team Fortress 2, and that is IMMENSLY better, so i’ll play that instead.

OMG Lebowski I was gonna say the same thing! I love MW2 its such a great game with lots of subtle analogies and amazing insight into modern life! It is too bad this poor soul just couldn’t comprehend the intricacies of the plot and amazing storytelling, and decided to end his life. We shall mourn his loss. Please join me in a moment of silence.

Thank you.

My reactions to this thread:


If it’s about MW2 then the image needs more brown and HDR.

Needs more Korean clones making threads on MW2 screenshots, and and angry Mexican (me) to complain about it.

Look at that detail and editing if you keep making pictures like these you going to be very successful here

Excellent posing and editing, i can tell sseveral hours were put into this, and no one will EVER top this.