Raged Gaming US West Friendly

Server Info:
IP: net.connect
Name: Raged Gaming/Friendly/USwest
Location: United States

-Friendly People
-50 Slot (Will increase as more people join)
-TeamSpeak server
-Full crafting
-No Admin Abuse
-No Griefing

As the server gets more and more populated im finding it has the right amount of pvp with the right amount of friendly people. Fresh Spawns are not KoS’d and in most cases helped out in some way. As always don’t hesitate to ask question someone will help you!


This server is great. I recently joined as a brand new player and was actually able to progress without being killed every second. The existing players really helped me out and are trying to build their community properly. Will deffinetly be playing here more often and i encourage all reading this to do the same.

I agree with Kody; I enjoy being able to play and understand the game without having to worry about being killed. It’s a fun server to play on and I enjoy playing with the people on it.

Such an awesome server!! Really helpful players for a noobie like me! I also haven’t yet had to face being killed over and over - which is nice.

I hope to see more people around! It’ll be nice to get the server more populated!

Server needs to be updated ASAP. It’s no longer on the server list after the DDOS fix.

EDIT: Misunderstanding

The server is down? Im not seeing in the server list please update is ASAP thank you very much!


still waiting :***(

We are back up guys, the update was pretty brutal cause a use of 250% more CPU which is why no one could connect.

hey envy is your server down right now? its not on my list