Rager On Steam Threatning To DDOS....


Hi everyone recently I just bought a server and this person named undeadcommando was on, then he was banned for disrespecting players and rdming.The next week one of his friends joined which we didnt know it was his friend and he was banned for disrespecting players/admins, rdming, propsurf, and I even unbanned him and gave him a second chance and admin rank but then he continued to disrespect and break rules, afterwards he sent threats to my friend saying if we didnt unban him, he was going to ddos me and the server heres the pictures, If everyone could report him and get him banned I will update if we do get DDOSED thank you!



Why would you give him ADMIN after he just got banned?

He may be a dick, but he can’t be banned for DDOSing somebody - not to mention it seemed like they were empty threats anyway.

He apologized and i was going to be nice because he “USED” to be a good admin

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threatning to ddos is a federal crime…

I know it sucks to have your server being ddossed, but what can we do?

yeah let me just call the fbi


they laughed at me

ddosing is a fine of $5000 atleast what i read from a wiki

You sure about that?

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Oh wait.

Contact Garry.
Garry Always knows what to do.

I WAS going to give advice but honestlly the best thing to do in this situation would probablly just ride it out or find another server provider.

Crime on the internet is deprecated. I’m sure the FBI couldn’t give a double shit about one person pinging another person. They have bigger issues to deal with.