Were supposed to wait with the release but since there were such a big fuss about it I released it anyway.

These videos pretty much explains what the addon does.


Someone made a instructions video (yay!).

Credits: phenixflame123

How does it work?
A ragdoll will be pasted on the player.
You can then decide which parts should mimic the player.
The parts that doesn’t will be able to move freely.

What can I do with it?
This can become very handy when making machinimas.
You can as seen in the video attach a box on the ragdoll and then walk around with it without any custom animations.


Everything is done by console commands.
I recommend that you bind these console commands to a key.
Example: bind X COMMAND
Replace X with any key and COMMAND with any console command below.

Console commands (version 1.2 and later):
WobbleCreate - spawns the ragMorph
WobbleFreeze - Freezes the ragMorph
WobbleMenu - Makes the menu pop up
WobbleToggleRagdoll - Toggle ragdoll mode

This console command will spawn a ragdoll and paste it on the player.
By default all the ragdoll bones will be stuck on the player.
You will also get a third person view since the ragdoll blocks your view in first person.

If you have a Wobble Man spawned it will freeze it and you will return to first person view.
You may have to use no clip to get out from the Wobble Man ragdoll.
This will also only freeze the bones you have set to mimic the player.
When the Wobble Man is freezed you are free to change the face pose or attach objects on it.

This will make the menu pop up.
If the checkbox is checked it means that the part will mimic the player.
If it is unchecked it means that the body part will move freely.

This just turns your ragMorph into a ragdoll.
Sort of works like a death ragdoll.

Nocollide player
This tool is handy when attaching parts on the ragdoll.
Even if you have nocollided the attached parts with the ragdoll it doesn’t mean that they are nocollided with the player.
The parts will be nocollided with the player when using the set owner stool on them.
When you are the “owner” of a part you will be nocollided with it, the Set Owner stool also have some defects.
When you are the owner of a prop you will be unable to touch it with the physgun, to counter this you can un-own it by using secondary fire with the Set Owner stool.

Set Rag Morph
Primary fire:
Select a default RagMorph model. The model will always be used as RagMorph until you change it to some other model.

Secondary fire:
Select a specific ragdoll.
Use the un-freeze command to start using the specific ragdoll.

Select the player model as default RagMorph model.

Q: My ragdoll flies straight up in the air, why?
A1: You probably have Superman addon installed. Remove it to solve the problem.
A2: Un-check Ragdoll physics effects player in options.

Q: My camera is screwed help!?
A: You probably have a “naughty” addon istalled that conflicts with the RagMorphs camera calculations.
SBMP is one addon that does this. It’s pretty annoying since it’s a common addon and it would be so easy for the SBMP creators to fix.

Using weapons may be a bit difficult since the ragdoll stands a bit in the way and it results with the bullets
hitting the ragdoll.

Download 1.4

Link: http://filebeam.com/222c7601b81a54bc11e28cdb9f4c9228

Ahahaha, this would be great for Machinimas. Also wow I found this thread fast.

why no comments? this is awesome!

I tried it out with model manipulator and a Scout ragdoll to no avail. D:

Still though, awesome work right there.

Wheres the download?

Yes…yeees…yeeeessssss :d


Link was in the video

Awsome work, I can see this being very usefull/funny
Does this use the ragdolls hitbox or the normal players? (just wondering)

You are a genius.

hey how i can use the ragdoll after freezing it?

Can’t open the WobbleManMenu in Multiplayer

Judging from the part of the video where he limbo’s under the pole, I think it uses the ragdolls.

Just tried it out. Fucking hilarious, i love it

This is awesome, nice work man.

Sakarias, without you Garry’s Mod whould have being Half the fun.
Get it Half? It’s a mod based on the Half-Life 2 engine…
Ohh nevermind xD

I write WobbleManMenu in the console but it says there isn’t any command like that.


Maybe you could try to match the Scout’s ragdoll’s bones to your Wobbleman’s bones, then making the Wobbleman invisible? Something like that, I dunno

nice grammar!!!


write it in da console silly

make npc livemotion, from ragmod http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idKSARRmOAM

Isn’t there scout a player model?
Just choosing it as player model should make it work with the scout.