funyy :stuck_out_tongue:

Eye rape…

not funny.

And so it begins.

Shitstorm of effortless generic ragdoll spaz LOLOL RANDOM videos.

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dont say we didn’t warn you… i

Totally agreed. more minge video’s no one seems to use it in a smart way.

the thing is, it can’t be used in a smart way.
its essential useless for machinma makers, unless your a dasboshitt tard.

Ragdolls should not be used for dynamic scenes.

I think ragmorph can be hilarious if used right.

ragdoll spaze’s stopped being hilarious in 2005.
God damn it guys, stop acting like this is the first release of gmod where we can spawn ragdolls, spaze it around and call it something.
2010, not 2005.

I never said for spazzing

A+ video, will watch again.

Is that sarcasm? Well I cant tell really :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhoo, I love you too guys, thanks for the Rape :wink:

Though this is stupid, this did give me an idea for my own machinima. Thanks!

Huzzah! See? All you need is some lower rate machinima to give you ideas for your own :wink:

Well, this should be the last bump to this thread. Hopefully… :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate that fucking song.

Ok sorry everyone for wasting your time.

I officially agree that this video is rubbish :V