Anyone able to recreate this for gmod?


You say yea and rate my post dumb. I’m confused, could you remake this?

Is anyone up to remaking this?

I don’t usually post on threads like this for a reason. Nobody is willing to recreate a map for a game especially the newer halos because they’re hard to make and really worth the effort. You may see see old halo maps being created but its because people feel nostalgic and feel like they’re really worth it. What i’m saying is give someone a reason to create this and try adding more info, I see you alot on here posting request threads…

I know I do post a lot of requests but I have yet to have a single one ever actually taken into consideration or people end up going off topic or something.

Ragnarok/Valhalla I honestly think would be great maps for a couple game modes and it could possibly be great for those who do posing/source filmmaker things.

I don’t have a huge budget but I would offer some cash to any who could make it.

You know, the reason no-one bothers with recreating a map like that is because there isn’t enough interest in one. A disgusting amount of work hours will go into making it a decent Source Engine remake, and then what? 3-4 people will pose master chief and play TDM for an hour and forget about it. That’s not worth the amount of work that’ll go into recreating this map.