Server name:
http://www.reddit.com/r/RustRagnarokServer/ | Ragnarok Whitelist Server

IP Address:

To be whitelisted visit - http://www.reddit.com/r/RustRagnarokServer/

To connect press F1 and type net.connect

Crafting time has been reduced to 50%.
Hackers/Dupers will be banned.
We have a very active team of admins, and there will be absolutely ZERO admin abuse.

Slots: 100 Airdrops: On (40 players min)
Rare Military Weapons and C4 - 9mm, P250, Shotguns are zombies and weapon crates drop only. MP5 and M4s are airdrops only. C4 can be crafted but they are rare and difficult due to drop rate changes.
Sleepers: On
Crafting Speed: 50%
Time Scale: Standard
Mods Installed: Oxide, Door Sharing, Loot Spawn Lists, Crafting Controller, Private Messaging
Active Admins: Yes
Beginner Friendly: Yes
Admin Power Usage: Not Used
Seeking Admins: Yes (Limited to Kick/Ban for hackers)

Admin abuse and hacking are taken very seriously. The server was created in our vision to create a fun experience for all players. Absolutely no item spawning will be provided nor used by the admins.

We are looking for experience server Admins
You must be active and a presence on the server for a minimum of 7 days before applying. Admin for 5 hours a day, minimum. Must have a mic and Teamspeak 18 yrs or older No VAC bans on record.


  • Door sharing… share your doors with your friends while keeping them safe from enemies! Use /share and /unshare
  • Restricted crafting… all military weapons are un-craftable and can’t be researched, so you better learn to use that bow/pipe shotgun/revolver/hand cannon until you get a pistol from the zombies/weapons crate!
  • Rare drops… the only way to get high-grade weapons is from airdrops, so prepare to fight fiercely for weapons which you can’t get anywhere else!
  • Oxmin admin mod… admins that don’t cheat and spawn things in, because they can’t!
  • Group function - use /gcreate to create a group and use /gwho to see who is online your group, use /g message to type to everyone in your group. This allows users to create a clan.
  • Chat history - use /history to see the previous 20 chat messages
  • Players online - use /who and /list to display who are online.

We hope to see you all in game soon!

(User was banned for this post ("again, stop making new threads for your server. Use the first one." - postal))

(User was banned for this post ("stop making new threads for your server and stop complimenting yourself with alt accounts" - postal))

Doing much better with the new server provider.

server admins are cool and if you are 18yrs old or older you can join their Teamspeak channel and talk with people on the server. The looting system on the server is great, military guns, c4, explosives, and kevlar set are not easy to obtain which makes the game more challenging and griefing from those Full Kevlar A!@holes. SO people come check out this server!!!

Pretty nice, i’m likeing it so far.

I’ve seen a lot of new faces. Glad everyone is enjoying the server so far.

This server is pretty fun! Friendly and competitive people with active admins too.

Great community, friendly admins, high risk/reward, tons of action and never a dull moment! The game is set so perfectly that pistols, pipe shotguns, and bows are your best friend. Definitely the best rare military server ATM.

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of searious used to bump his own threads and compliment himself..." - postal))

The folks here are trying to do it right. Good group. Fun Server. Give it a shot.

searious is banned until January 17th for "double posting’. He posted the server again because they switched server provider and the IP changed along with other details of the server.

The ban was valid and will not be argued against, I just wanted to let everyone know that he will be back on January 17, 2013 when the ban is lifted.

Nevertheless, he is still an active part of the community on the Ragnarok Server. See you guys all in game.

My friends was “instant banned” for playing to good on this server, and called hackers… Without even having a chance to have a word in the chat. They played from around 0.00 to 7 in the morning, fought and farmed hard to build them self up, to get a descent base. They also fought of 5 players trying to raid them. Then People getting rage for being killed and raided. (is not “raiding” and “killing” a part of the game?)

I woke up 10 min before this happens, and planning to join them… Then all of my friends gets disconnected and it says them are banned… Then I type in the chat to defend them and ask why?..
Then they kick me too for no reason… Admin abuse??.. We didnt even do anything wrong…

**The admins who banned named “LOKI” **

Here is a video of us getting raided by 5 dudes… and surviving. Do you guys see any cheating?.. they die several time… and fight for there lives to win…
PLayers get raided on server by us “goats” then we are cheaters… we survive people trying to raid us"… learn to play the game… and fix your admin abuse!!

Youtube video:

only screens i got to take before I also got banned for no reason…



The admins are investigating the situation. They are reviewing your case and watching your video. You will be unbanned if you were wrongfully banned.


You should have sent me the video yesterday, though the bans were for your attacks seeming very suspicious. With reports of hacking coming from several sources I’d rather be safe than sorry. We will unban you and your group so you can play again and I apologize if you were wrongfully punished.

Upon reviewing your case and the video you submitted the Admin team has decided that there were insufficient evidence to prove that you were exploiting/glitching/hacking. You and your friends have been unbanned. We hope to see you on our server again.

Please accept the Admin team’s apology. It is better to be safe than sorry, hackers can ruin people’s home and loot in matters of minutes. Being cautious the Admin Loki banned you to prevent damages in case you guys were hacking.

In the future, please visit http://www.reddit.com/r/RustRagnarokServer/ to appeal bans in the topic “Ban appeals”. We take banning hackers very seriously, if you are suspected of cheating you will be removed before any damage is done. Our server has over 100+ players daily during the peak hours and this is to prevent the community from suffering any uncessary damages/losses. I hope everyone understands and continue to enjoy our server.

Well your so called admins ruins our 7-8 hours work on our base and all our loot! Our group have over 500-600h played on this game. Is it really so suspicious that you build pillars and some stairs and jump in a base with open roof ?

You can build a good defended base and a easy targeted base.

And iam really angry about that admin “Loki” That just ban ous before even speaking to ous or even say a word. We are humans to that can actually talk if we ask a question…

Will we get our stuff back ? or we gonna just start over from the scratch again ?
And this aint good reputation for the server!

Kind Regars GoatNinjaWeeh

The Admin team understands your frustrations, but they are unable to restore what you and your friends have lost. They believe in 100% admin integrity and can not restore your items. It is not difficult to earn back what you and your friends have lost. I don’t think everything you and your friends had was lost. You can try to login and check.

As for the reputation of our server, we are trying our best to keep this server one that everyone can enjoy.

We wanted to protect our players and community from any hackers. If you guys were still playing here we would think you can appreciate our efforts to keep hackers away from your house and your loot even if it was just for a few minutes.

I hope you understand, have a good one.

We are still bann.

Our team was

Funky Goat

We are investigating this issue and will have you guys removed from our ban list as soon as possible. Please post your names on http://www.reddit.com/r/RustRagnarokServer/ and check there for status and updates.

Couldn’t send it yesterday, GoatSlyNiX who recorded it, had to render it and make it smaller and upload it.

Yeah we have been victims of hackers too… lost our bases many times.
We hate hackers and to be called hacker sucks so bad…

we even have busted some hackers and killed them on another server.

Okey thanks you so much, but I´m not sure if we will play on the server again…
My friends got so angry, We threw out everything from the storage boxes, because we do not want anyone to take our things… so that kinda sucks…

But thanks for understanding…

So I just tried joining the server and apparently I am banned? I was just on fine earlier and played for about an hour or two until someone came into the server raging and instant killing people so I logged off in my shelter. Went to get back on now and banned, so it had to be a manual admin ban because obviously im not VAC banned. So how do I clear this up, or is it like a temp certain amount of time ban or what?

Edit: Saw on reddit you need to approve white list now. Posted on there.

Yep, they implemented a whitelist to prevent hackers from coming in. Go to http://www.reddit.com/r/RustRagnarokServer/ to be whitelisted.