Raid by nazi with an... awesome strat...

Ok… So, i think it’s a courant exploit bug now :
I’m not very suprised… I never saw a game with more bugs than Rust…
So with that strat these guys can coming fast by the roof, the lobby or any floors.
With that sad exploit they need 4 C4 to access at my stuff… ( That house was maked for holding about 30/35 C4 and can’t be climb ).
During the raid with my friends we tried to talk with them for fun but the only one thing they can say it’s : “STFU” Wooooooo so funny…
Finally, i’m obligate to delete all my stuff. After in the chat, i’m free insulting of “Coward” and others insults by a man who have a nazi cross as avatar steam and his friends, who using exploit bug ?!
I really bought this game for playing in these conditions ?? WHAT THE HELL

That’s been going on for a while. It’s not new. You can place barricades in absolutely absurd places. It’s alpha. I seriously doubt Garry or anyone in the dev team was like, “Hey you know what would be cool? Parkour with physics defying barricades!”.

When you code a game, the hard part isn’t writing the game. It’s idiot/grief proofing the game. You end up spending more code catching things like this than you do implementing them to begin with.

I’m pretty sure Bethesda has released several games which each had more bugs than Rust.

Your design is flawed even without using barricades I could have got to your top floor to place c4. Foundations with pillar in the middle only one floor high wtf were you thinking?

Let me guess. The “Nazi cross” was actually maltas cross or german knights cross? How generic. “If it’s not a Christian cross, it’s nazi.”

Who cares what kind it is? Just nail me to the mother and get it over with…

Just for your information… so many people make this kind of errors, when they don’t know what they’re speaking of

Sure :smiley: But Bethesda’s bugs are funny…

I assure you you can’t place only one foundation on the floor around my house ( look the screens and see these “anti-foundation” ), just impossible. If it was possible, these guys never use exploit with barricades. My house was 7 floors for the moment…

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Guy, i’m passionate by crusades etc. Tha’t not a Templar Cross or anything like this.

How I would raid your base:
Add foundation to the outside of one of your anti-foundation foundations.
Put a ramp on the foundation I just placed, then start building pillars on the corners of your anti-foundation foundation until I could build stairs.
Continue placing pillars and stairs on your already built foundations next to your base and jump across.
Build stairs until I can reach your top floor level.
Place C4 charges.

Hum yeah… I agree… So next time i’m gonna up my middle pillars as high my house…

TBH. if you aren’t filling all your unused pillar spots, you’re still setting up to get raided. Make them taller than you base, or put a ceiling over all of them once they are as tall as your base.

Pretty sure this is a well known bug, it’s pretty much complete bullshit and I can see why your so angry. You might get more attention at if it hasn’t already been posted there.

Also, the reason the game has no bugs is because the game is in ‘early access’. Steam even puts up a warning about it when you go to buy the game :