Raid group looking for a few more

We are a small established guild with about 5-10 people on daily.

We’re looking for English-speaking adults who have a working headset with mic and a “push-to-talk” button as we use Ventrilo for communication. Maybe you and your buddies are looking to do what we’re doing.

We mobilize fast, we get a foothold, raid bases, acquire loot, make C4 then move onto bigger bases.

No hackers wanted.

We’re looking for team players who are on frequently. We play in the Eastern time zone, sometimes during the day, most afternoons and evenings, and sometimes late-night.

We like to be stealthy, but have no problem raiding occupied homes.

Please have a basic understanding of the game, knowledge of the map, and be willing to work as a team.

Thread will not be monitored, so if you are interested, pm me here.

We’re just having fun, we understand that servers wipe, stuff will be lost, raids happen, etc. It’s all in fun and we’re looking to enjoy the game with other like-minded people

whats your steam so i can add you

sent you an PM.