Raid house server - look for information


I have since yesterday a server started.

There are 25 slots, I have deliberately not take more slots.
this because otherwise become too crowded and you can get on the server a chance.

Furthermore, there are some nice plugins:
Remove - airdrop at 5 online - no durablility - Start kit.

Starter kit includes:
Hatchet - Cooked Chicken - Bowing hunt - 20 Arrows - Sleeping Bag

I’ve also got a very nice option adds what I do of course.
placing raid homes so you can make a small profit.
houses with flags on the deck raid houses.
See pictures. The houses are very challenging with very useful stuff.

I have added this option because it is not so busy in the beginning and so it is still fun and challenging at the server, take a look.

Greetings, Stefweegels


go de F1 function on RUST place is command: net.connect