Raid, Kill, or be killed | PVP | No Sleepers - We ban combat loggers | NO ABUSE [Feedback Area] [Reports]

Name: Raid, Kill, or be killed | PVP | Heroes VS Bandits

Hello everyone,
I’m starting up a new post with some new rules to boot. Our server is made up of admins who do not abuse their power over other players. We do NOT spawn in any items for the benefit of anyone INCLUDING myself and we do NOT punish other players wrongly. Our server will have simple guidelines that should be very easy to follow.
Combat logging will get you banned (Sleepers is obsolete and we don’t like anyone who does combat logging) - Those who see combat logging can report the player here. They will be banned promptly upon confirmation.
Hacking will result in permanent ban. - Hackers can also be reported here too.

Noobs beware of bandits.
I personally will be running a group that will go around killing specifically bandits - We want to play the role of a hero :slight_smile: (No we won’t cheat in order to do what we want, because that’s pointless and ruins the game)
Bitching for stuff or whatever will get you nowhere except a removal from the server
Raiding is encouraged (Because that gives an objective for you and other players.)
Build a impenetrable base to insure your items.
Give this server a chance and please contact my Steam account (Steam: darkechotx) for any suggestions. We would like to build a server that everyone would appreciate. We are willing to make any changes for the well being of the player.

 Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope this server gets a fair chance. Again, if there is something you don't like about the server, GIVE FEEDBACK and we will do what needs to be done. This server exists for players...not admins or cheaters.