Raid me, Proof it, Chose a steamgame and I Give it to you --> profit

Sup guys,
I kinda always got unlucky with my enemies with people raiding me. Nobody ever made it kinda.
So I decided to invest some money to get some nice footage.

My house isn’t even that great (yet). I just started on the server and only play together with a friend.
So we are not a huge group and have an huge house or something.

A group doing it would be really cool. Working on a rust video and this is kinda the only thing missing.
Instead of chosing a 50€ game you could go for a few cheap one so everybody in your group gets something.

Here is how we will do it:

  • Join me on this server: net.connect
  • Find and raid my house
  • Make a screenshot of this crate:
  • Make a post here or pm me the screenshot and tell me what game you want
  • Get the game of your choice and be happy
  • You can chose multiple cheap games so everybody in your group get’s something
  • The house is between French Valley and Factory.

So if you want the game or just want to show me that the bases are build are not raid safe go for it.
Incase you wondering if it is legit or not check this:
We give away stuff quite often.

The house is not hidden but still nobody even tried to raid me. Infact they all went for the wrong base… :rolleyes:
My house is north from the Factory. Follow the road to French Valley and go to the left before you go up the hill. You should be able too see it.

I said my base is not big. Well it was not big a few days ago but it is pretty big now… You should have went for it earlier.
If the server gets wiped because of a patch the offer still stands. The moment I have a house with 3 walls and a doorway I’ll pace the crate and put the stuff in it. I might replace the 556 Ammo with stones though but I will let you know if I do.

If people still wont make progress or get close to the crate I might think of something new, something easier or just give the game away to a random person on the server.
But the reward will go out!

EDIT Nevermind, this is just silly.

good luck, now a hacker is just gonna join your server and fuck shit up.

Instant ban. But they can try.

Instant ban is cool, however, what qualifies you to be observant enough to spot a cheater?

Common sense + knowledge of what is possible in game in combination with the logs I have.

If I can’t proof someone is a hacker he wont be banned. And if I can’t proof someone raided me with items gathered with hacks/exploits and I can’t proof it I can’t help it and will give him the reward.

But I have high hopes in my logs. The coords of players are safed every 20 seconds. It is easy to spot there if someone is flying or teleporting.
It is ofcourse written down when someone suicides and spawns again.

Let’s bring 20 friends. :v:

I raided it, here is the picture of the crate, I’ll be taking a copy of project zomboid please :downs:


And than you fight over a single game or chose 1€ games? :slight_smile:

Well it is a Community server. I guess if such a big group comes after me and my friend I could ask them to support me a little.

But anyway. Come at me. :rolleyes:

Didn’t you notice the black censor?

Well yes there is a screenshot. Now remove the blackbox and show the exact items in there. Your chance to hit the correct once are not that… no they are tiny.

Nah. 50€ are not worth the effort anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Grammar Nazi: then*

For me it is an awesome investment and worth it for sure.

As Admin of the Community I need to provide the tools for them to be able to have fun -> bought the server
As Game Leader (Rust) I need to provide fun.

So with the footage I get I’ll make a video and hope I can recruit some people with it and maybe reach 3000 members this year.
Another reason is to populate the server so the 20 Rust players we have have more fun. Those happy members are more likely to donate and we can get another server in another game or use it for Give Away’s.
So it kinda snowballs.

Normalcy this isn’t that hard and I have populated other servers before but I am being watched by the other Admins and the Community Staff so I need to be successfully and the server needs to have people on it within a month.

But if I am successful it is worth it. The money is no problem and if I have to make myself look like and idiot and have to suck up comments like “this is silly” than so be.
Sacrifice for others or something like that. :smile:

tl;dr: bump :wink:

Maybe that was what it takes to improve my english skills and I finally learn it…

Best tl;dr ever.

And don’t worry, even a lot of native speakers have problems with that.
Also “your” and “you’re” a common fault.

I highly support this idea, and like what you’re doing.
But like someone else has already noted, hackers WILL try and screw your stuff up. Good luck on the giveaway!

“find and raid my base”

your house could literally be any base on the server even a 1x1 shack in some stupid place

unless youre going to show where your house is this isnt worth anyones effort

I’ll give you that much information (which is alot if you ask me).
It is pretty big because one reason behind this is to get footage of a fight/raid and you can see it from the road if you look carefully.

The whole point of this competition is to get the server populated, and people playing it. Not merely ‘jumping on, raiding base to get free game then quit’. With a day or two you can scout the map and find evidence of his whereabouts… It’s not hard when you visit a server frequently enough.

Unless it’s in the dog-end corner of the map where no one lives.

I bet he removed it just to get server attention

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also, can I choose train simulator and ALL its DLC?

this is just another way ov him filling his empty server ! lol