RAID MY BASE! I will supply you!

Hey guys!
I have built a base on my server and want one or more experienced raiders to test the security level of my design.
I will provide you the ip, tp you to location and provide you with whatever you ask for.

I would truly appreciate it!

Reply here or add me to steam.
Steam username: RandomSalmon

If you add me, ill give it a go. 650 hours on the game, i think i know my stuff.

All bases are raidable but the only problem is how much C4 is it going to take?

100 C4 job done

Can I see a picture of the base from the outside? At work and not able to get into a game to see it

I’d be willing to give this a go later tonight when I get home as well.

It’d be interesting to see these results, but your probably playing on a server with no C4.