Raid on Rostov oustskirts!

The camera man has guts

All in days work. May Facism triumph over Communism!

whats the focus of the picture? everything is blury as fuck.
smudging is a no no.

can’t really tell how the posing is, probably alright,
nice map and scale

The posing its nice and the camera angle is fine but some parts are just randomly blurred and the effects you added are bad.

Maybe you have the original? Without the editing? :stuck_out_tongue:


Fort you ninja! I wanted to be the first to rant about the blur.

Don’t break my spirit! At least offer some constructive critisism.

They are

This is gonna haunt me, BIG TIME

No collide world the tanks to the floor, and slightly sink them into the earth, so it doesnt look like they’re cardboard floating easily on the floor.

And no, Communism is the way to go!

A tribute to Wolfmaster…

May you share your 8 bottles of Vodka?

Why thank you, but I still dont know what to say to her…


world’s shittiest editing
i have no experience editing, but damn that is bad.
vman had some sexy ass guide on here but i lost the link to it
other than that it’s good
see above
i see me some advanced duplicator

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also half the guys should be falling on their face with their stance
and some of them are floating

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i don’t think you can run and shoot an SVT40/ mosin nagant like that either.

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oh and all of them aren’t even holding their guns properly

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tank’s firing 76mm cannons don’t look like roses either

Upload the originals and we will all be very happy :D! Anyways, Chesty and Vman have good gimp guides. If you have photoshop, try google? Or just search tutorials in this section. Don’t use smudge unless its necessary. (For dirt shooting up and muzzle flashes it is not).

If you got no expirience, SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH! I’m a beginner

Language, mister. Now go to your room and think about what you’ve done.

Oh the low graded language of 4chan.

i don’t need to have experience to tell you to shut the fuck up, sit down, and learn to edit.

It’s alright on my opinion, people here just have waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too high standards, and if it doesn’t have bloom, filtering and gasp epic poses, then it’s shit. And people commenting here prove my point.

And cut on the tank & aircraft spam, also german mechanized offensive usually involves more infantry than tanks. And those planes are flying waaayyy too low.

They is gonna get a ticket for flying too low, damn it! But it’s not too bad except for the mentioned things. I honestly like both.

work on smoke edit.

Im not a good cook, but I can tell if food tastes like shit