Raid vs Defence

I would like to know what you think of this :

Online raiders vs online defence : is it equal, is there more raiders than defender ? do the c4 is to much stronger and or easy to use ? Is what i think : There more raider clan than solo or small group player, so in this fact it make it easy for raider to choose wisely what house to attack. And C4 should only be available from airdrop and should not be learned from reasearch kit. A good raid on a house should be an accomplishement of hard work, for the moment the word is crowded of C4 and hacker making it too easy.

Online raiders vs offline defence : again the the advantage are to the raider, griefing,too many C4, lack of indestructible house part. My idea for this should be some booty trap to protect house, more solid part for the house, house ownership, AI guard or companion.

My vision of the right now is that everyday more and more player rage quit and population is not growing dur to troller and hacker. I dont mean PVP should be erase, but it should be nurfed, right now i think in advantage that raider (pvp player) vs more pacific player or smallest group is 75% advantage to raider vs the other. A good thrill while hunting ressource is really important, but for the adavantage it should be at least 50/50.

P.S. sorry for my english, iam french from Canada, but i try my best to speak your language. So far have a nice day.

Raiders have a big advantage. If they have C4 nothing much can be done to stop them. Defenses need to be added to balance. The devs have acknowledged this imbalance.

Nothing? Today people raided my house, i was 1vs2. Killed one of them when they got trough first wall, then respawned, get another set and killed other one. So i got kevlar’s, a lot of guns, and needed to place only 2 new walls, they lost c4 and other stuff, got nothing (they would got some arrors maybe if i was offline, because my house is big enough to not hide anything good at first rooms that could be reached with 2-4 charges).
Also i could farm woods all day long and build 10x10 20 floors tower, with only doors in ever floor, and no group of raiders, no matter how big they are will never get to my stuff. Especially when c4 bugs like hell, when 4 charges cannot blow one wooden wall, and instead they blowing wall in the oppisite side, and such stuff…

Lol thats a chalange ?

Well if you happen to be online when the raiders knock on the door with C4 you personally can defend your base, but that’s not what this post is about. And the fact that players have improvised methods of defense utilizing gaps/exploits in the crafting system doesn’t mean that defense is on balance with the options given to the would-be intruders.

Again…the devs have acknowledged there is a imbalance between the tool available to the base builder/defender and those available to the raider.

you spend all day hitting trees with a hatchet? my god do you get excited when watching paint dry?

I prefer farming stones myself. I’m a man who loves a shiny pile of pebbles!

Currently there are MANY servers where the admins have modded the server where c4 is not craftable and can only be found off airdrops or airdrops and zombies. This play style is already taking place as people wanted it so they just modded a server to appease their play style. Which is one of the great things about rust is that is is so easily modded. If you want to play in this style join one of those servers or start one up for your own. Forcing this change on the community as a hole is bad, as you don’t know what other people like/want out of the game. Allowing players to play the game how they like and customize it how they like = smart

On the Raiders vs Defenders, if you have a bed in your base the defenders already have defenders advantage. If you build your base well you will have many doors and opportunities to defend the raiders prior to getting in completely and getting to your stash. Build accordingly and put some time in your base and make it as anti-raider as possible.

As far as un-raidable bases go, the hardest to break into are the sky bases or suicide bases. However with enough effrot/resources these 2 can be breached. No base is really un-raidable unless your heavily exploiting somehow. With that in mind the point to building your base is to not make it unbreach able but to make it so inconvenient for the people to do it that they don’t want to waste their time or the cost of c4 to get into it is not worth the rewards.

When it comes to offline raiding, I think its a fun aspect of the game and just builds on the base design previously discussed. If they had it so you can willy nilly put up walls/doors that are stupid hard to destroy people will just get lazy on base design as they will know they are safe with these super walls or it will make raiding stupidly annoying to where people just won’t do it, or will join a server with the walls modded differently. It would essentially destroy a part of the game. However I do agree that traps would bring a really interesting aspect to the base design and hope to see them in future updates.

The problem is not more that some player have like 20 hours of advance on the others?
Maybe it would be better if new game would start at a given time.

I don’t really mind how the game work about this suject right now. Still fun. Just an idea.