Raid ?

so i have been playing rust and now got into raiding . but i seem to suck at it . because mostly i fail and shit like that…
sometimes i get lucky like in the video . is there a better way to raid ? or know where the loot room is ?

is there a better way . any tips from the better raiders ?

Here is a video when i go raiding :

I didnt watch the video, but me and my friend mainly raid people. Here are some tips

  1. Don’t just raid any building you see, monitor the big groups of people and look where they stash their stuff

  2. Don’t be intimidated by large buildings, it sometimes takes only 6 -8 c4 to get to their loot, you just need to know where to c4.

  3. Don’t raid when the people are online. You need to be a very stronger group to achieve success doing this. We usually try to avoid raiding people while they are online as you risk a lot.

  4. No base is unraidable. There are many tricks to raiding, using pillars, stairs, barricades, spike walls, sleeping bags etc etc. We haven’t found a building we could not raid.

  5. Don’t just start popping c4. Take the time to look through all the walls, build up next to the house and look through each floor carefully. You can sometimes see through 2 walls if you try really hard.

  6. Try to think how they move in the building, where do they go.

  7. We have notice people either store their stuff on the first floor, or on the 2nd or 3rd floor from the top.

I hope this helps

thank you this helped

how do i know where to blow in if the have ramps and shit so i cant see through it ?

You call that raid a fail?!? All the loot you got off that, you made back your C4 and grenades, just have to carry it all out.

Did you read i right ?