Raidable and Vulnerable Bases

Hi all,
i just registred to let you know what i think and see if someone think the same way.

In my opinion bases are too much vulnerable to raids. Someone with an hatchet (ok, maybe 10 or more) and time to spend, can raid a castle…
Ppls spend alooot of time building their houses and (for me) is one of the most interesting things on the game… but if a player come with a poor gear and some hatchet can destry everything you made in the last week.

I’ve played alot on Rust Legacy and this was balanced by the fact players wasn’t able to destroy walls with hatchet but only using c4 charge.

I think that doing the same here or something you consider more appropriate would help ppls to have more fun and don’t feel afraid when they login and discover that a noob has destroyed the last 40 hours of gameplay.

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Meh, I want to see you chop thru a wood door, let alone stone or armored , with multiple hatchets. Get back to me when succeed. Let alone multiple doors. I put no less than 10 doors in my bases and some lead nowhere.

Wooden doors are a joke. It only takes about 5 hatchets.

apparently you have never heard of torch raiding or sword raiding. if a door is facing the wrong direction torches massacre them. swords are even worse on a backwards door.

a forward facing door is a little tougher but doors in general are a joke on this game.

use torches on wooden door and see how much easier it will be

Honestly, if a solo player is willing to spend all that time hatcheting through multiple doors/walls, then they deserve whatever loot they find.

I’m not here to discuss how to raid wooden doors.
I’m saying houses are too much vulnerable if walls and doors takes damage from melee weapons. At least upgraded doors and walls should takes damage only from C4 charge

That’s like saying you can’t break into a brick building with a hammer. It’s possible I’ll tell you that.

It’s a game. In legacy, you couldn’t melee walls, and I don’t remember them explaining why they changed it. Not saying it’s better or worse, but it’s not a request completely out of left field.

External/Internal walls - read about it. Raid with tools is viable only if u build base wrong.

If you get into a base from tool raiding, you deserve what you find there. After update tool raiding is really tedious and is only good to beat an already almost broken wall.

basic tool raid is easy me and a friend last night found a huge base it made from stone was we noticed that some of the walls would take instance damage with one hit from a rock so we went and farmed some stone and wood it took use 3 mins to take out 5 stone walls and get their loot the walls were 100% stable with no damage. They need to fix this issue.

door are so weak now that I just forgo them and use (on a modded server) home commands to get in and out (2 c4 a door, 3 a wall)

Seems fine to me. Good luck getting thru my armoured door with any melee weapon. Don’t forget they are adding base defense, like turrets. Also Booby traps are current concepts. When those kinda things are added raiding will be more difficult.

Plus people should learn to build their bases correctly. Doors and walls the wrong way around derserve to get knock thru.