Raided by a cheater...

Hi guys!
I wanted to share with you my story.

I was playing on Amsterdam server. After establishing a base and finding a pick axe bp I have decided to raid my neighbour, who had bolt action rifle.
After chopping down his wall I picked rifle from his sleeper and looted his base.

I went out and I saw Russian coming there. He said he is friendly and he want to give me some stuff, because “it was going to waste”. Besides my new rifle I had 2 AKs and thompson!
My base hadn’t roof, but it was tall. There was no way to get in without C4 or breaking armored wall. Sieging tower didn’t work for guys, who tried it, because of my cupboards.
I placed AKs and thompson in small boxes in my mess and rifle on top of my base. Next day there were no rifle and ammo. I thought that my friend took it and lost it like a real noob.

Today I have new base on a rock near (~50m) my old base. I was chasing some nakeds on the beach, from where I can see both of my bases and… I’ve seen a guy in my old one! I left there one code lock and my sleeping friend, who is currently not in home, so he can’t play. I immediately came back. There was no one in my old one. There were no signs of burglary! Then I saw that doors on top of it were opened. They are on 2nd floor. I needed them here, because windows can’t be closed and opened.

I didn’t know what to think about this. I came back to my new base and… Thompson with shotgun were on place, but 2 AKs were gone. No sulfur, no ammo, gunpowder, clothes. I had tons of it…
Let’s consider some scenarios:
1-I got raided.
Nope. There is no way. I have 5 leading to my tower on rock doors with code locks. They were undamaged, not opened. There were no signs of raid. Walls are on place… There is no way to jump in.
2-Someone guessed codes.
Maybe. 5 completely different codes in a short period of time. James Bond is here.
3-It was my friend.
He is still sleeping naked in my old base. Far from home in real life.
4-Sieging ninja tower.
OK, let’s say I haven’t seen it chasing Bobs on the beach. In 6-10 minutes few people must have built like kilometer high (I have a couple of cupboards) tower and survive jumping in through roof.
5-Someone with fly hack has stolen it, probably like rifle earlier.
I have tall tower with opened roof. I don’t know anything about cheats in rust, but this sounds logic to me.

Sorry for every mistake I made, I’m just learning english. What do you think about this?

Its your mistake, because you had a open Roof.

Might also be that you or your friend accidentally named a bed to a stranger and he just threw them out or you forgot some door open from the top or your rock is actually climbable without a tower + open roof man :D?

Every door was closed, there are 4 sleeping bags, 3 mine and 1 friend’s. My rock isn’t climbable. There is a tower. What’s wrong with opened roof? How could I expect cheater? It’s tall, It doesn’t need a roof…

I build a siege tower and I jump in that’s all I need, how many floors tall is it ?

Every house need a roof. :slight_smile:

For what? There are no bombs falling down from skies I believe.

It is easy to build a siege tower and jump in. In Legacy does nobody build a house without a roof. I think that people get lazy because of the cupboard security.

Cupboards protect from siege towers. They can’t get close enough to jump. Anyways roof has been built in my base in case of cheaters. I recommend doing this guys…

I can build outside the cupboard radius. The Raider make it right. They close the open roof.

Nobody gives a shit about your cupboard if your roof is open, I build a tower and I jump in, the fall won’t be fatal for sure, I eat some food or other things to regen my hp, I take your stuff and then you come home and yell “cheater cheater” :smiley: + many rebuild the walls after they raid to make it look like it wasn’t breached or simply not to show you how they did it so you won’t know the weak spot of your base (though clearly we know it already, the roof)

Well, after this discussion I know that I have to build a roof, but still the question is if you do it in few minutes, using invisible blocks… I seriously can’t imagine that I saw a little guy and I haven’t seen a skyscraper… It could be possible if they make a smaller tower than mine, but this doesn’t make sense.

It’ll be a hacker/scripter. The official servers aren’t policed & you’ll find lots of them.

yep I had a 4 story house with cupboard and no roof and guys found a way to get on a rock with a tower outside of cupboard range and take me out.

they landed on a rock next to my base and then jump in and looted.

Or it could have been a guy like this I have sent in many reports but they just don’t care it seems, sent into steam and followed facepunch advice on how to report but yet he still plays on server I have lost many game ours over this turd but yet they don’t want to take 5 minutes of their time to push the ban button on him :frowning:

this is going to happen deal with it

A small tip if you have a open roof… Place at minimum one floor above your loot / work / sleep room.

Place spiked fences all over the area so anybody trying to tower - jump will face a very painful death. Jump = damage already by 50 to 70%. Spike = Finished them off before they can heal.

And if you want to make it extra secure: Spikes + Bear traps under them. And it forces them to start shooting all your traps to be able to jump. There shooting will alert people in the area and the raiders may be shot by other people around.

Take it from me, i have seen people build on top of “none-raid able” rocks and while you where unable to climb the rock, they made the mistake of placing there cupboard not close to the outer walls. You build just upon the edge of there cupboard area, build up with twigs, then when you are above there cupboard range, place two floors. Run and jump. And 9/10 change you will hit it.

The problem with cupboards is that there range is in a sphere shape.


…B ----
.B -----
B ------ C
.B -----
…B ----

So you need to:

a) place cupboards at the 4 edges of your base for maximal range.
b) also on the lower and higher floors to create a overlap zone.

I have seen clans build a tower that was 50 or 60 levels high, with a massive central shaft designed to make anybody that tried to jump die. The clan attacking just build a twig tower 100 stories high, jumped, a few died but some hit the edges. Then they teleport the rest of there team over. And then they started to C4 down.

Take my advice, as a single player ( as your friend is not active playing a lot ) your base WILL get raided almost daily. You do not have the resources to fight any group or clan who are semi-organised. They know the tricks, the ranges and have the resources.

This is also why on a lot of servers after the wipes most single players will simply quit. Single or small group players do not have the time and resources to constantly rebuild / re-harvest all there losses. You become a defacto cow ready for milking by bigger groups.

My advice: Look hidden spots. Spots that are difficult to reach ( most of the time they also have little resources ). Build a hidden base ( do not bother with caves as most people can recognize them ) that has a lot of trees around it. Keep it SMALL the first few days. Do not draw attention with assaults on people close by.

Example: The server i am on, i got constantly raided. No matter how good a base i build, its impossible to keep up with groups. They break down walls, or C4 walls, or find weak spots that you just did not have the time to reinforce.

So i changed tactics. I moved to a cold area with nobody around. Found a nice spot with a cliff and trees. And i build against the cliff with 3 trees close to it.

  • Advantages:
  • Only need 50% of the resources. Only two walls to deal with instead of 4.
  • Hidden by natural elements. People can not see the base from above the cliffs unless they jump down ( what nobody will do as there looks nothing interesting there ). Your also almost invisible from the ground and the long trees also provide a natural roof hiding ability.
  • Cold: Most people without protection will freeze.
  • Disadvantage:
  • Difficult to build as the foundations in general are not flat.
  • Middle of nowhere = you need more time to raid.

So in short: I build a small 3 tile home, build it up a few stories. With it hidden and no constant raiding, i was able to build up stone and process iron. Then i reinforced this small tower to pure armored ( freaking expensive these days. Crazy expensive ). O and i had NO cupboards up to that point! Cupboards are like a big indicator = > Here there be a raid able target. Risky? Sure… But at the time it already become too difficult for small players to raid this mini-tower.

The next step i placed more floors on top with floors / half blocks all reinforced. Like a WOII bomber proof bunker.

More resource gathering, some raiding, and only THEN i started to build outwards by making a second “wall” ( Foundations with a combination of double outer and inner wall + floor / half blocks ). And as this become visible, then placing also a lot of traps on the roof, in combination with spikes and multi spike floors / levels.

Can it be breached? Sure … with a lot of time and patience but it will cost them a LOT more C4 charges then there daily raiding me and wasting time rebuilding a already flawed building. I estimate it takes maybe

Long story short… Everything can be raided. But as a single / double person team you need to focus more on gaining as much resource at the start and then building so that you become a too expensive raid target. Open roof structures are still easily raid able. Most people with experience know how far above a target they can jump and survive. The moment they are inside they can authorize themselves on your cupboards if they are not in walls or behind doors. And simply twig build out again and destroy there twigs with a arrow ( by taking out the bottom twig block ). End result: You look to be hacked when in reality the person was just smarter.

At max cupboard range you could build at least 4 foundations in with a siege tower,usually it is more then enough to get in.

wow wow easy boy…ROOF CAN STOP CHEATERS? GREAT NEWS…this game sux coz garry and co. dont care about players. today again i lose all staff in full armored house where need 30c4 to get loot room…but who care if there cheaters with fly+wall hack. im done with rust for another half year.

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I’ll give you an answer worthy of yours “noob”

you keep bitching on the forums about cheaters, stop playing on officials what’s so hard to understand ? go play on community servers, they aren’t modded, they’re the same as officials BUT with admins
Met so many of your type that every time they get owned they yell cheats because they simply can’t understand how someone is so much better than them or how they figured your “unraidable” base