Raided by Fly Hackers?

Front of the base

Back of the base

Hmm… front door is still on its hinges.

None of the ground floor doors have been blown either.

Yup all my basic gear is still here…

Top of the base

Metal door blown out…

Sleeping bag gone.

Another metal door missing…

…all gone …fuck

Was I raided by hackers? …and if so what can I do to defend against them?

Did you check the doors to make sure they where yours?

I was able to open them so I think so.

Just because you can open them doesn’t mean they’re yours lol. See if you can change the codes. Also it’s possible to climb walls without building beside them. Not sure why you’d leave your roof open, you’re asking to be raided with no problem. Also your doors don’t appear to be blown out like you claim, the wood doorway itself would be blacker than that.

  • Yes I can change codes.
  • People can climb walls?
  • Honestly there were 2 metal doors freshly placed in those last two doorways.

They could have blown our your walls on the ground and replaced them.

Probably alt tab glitch.
I saw some of those.