Raided by Hackers

Hi there!

I’m Chreazzy and I’ve had a medium big base on the Amsterdam Server.
My neighbour got raided by two guys a few days ago. They killed a total of 9 people, without dying. One user was <<KWTD>>.

I discussed with KWTD in the global chat, why hes hacking.

A few days later (27.1.16) my house got raided. A big sign on the top of my house, signed by <<KWTD>> and <<Shockz>>. They built a raid tower behind my base, went to the roof and rushed in my house. But I had 5 different little houses around my base, with cupboards. So it’s IMPOSSIBLE that they built that tower directly to my base.

So, is this rust? Is it that money worth, to wait until hackers destroy with their cheated rockets & despawn your loot for fun?
Is this rust? If yes, why is the Anti-Cheat low as fuck? This KWTD got reported days ago, and hes still raiding houses for fun.

i don’t really get that point, if the Anti-Cheat doesnt work, why did the developer put this in to the game?

Well, thank you rust to make this possible, now I can wait until the 7.2.16 to build after wipe a new base. Cheers!

It sounds like he found a build point in your cupboards. Made a raid tower and roof raided your Ass. probably had enough explosives from the previous race to build rockets to get into your base doesn’t sound like someone was hacking. Cupboards are not that great don’t rely on them for protection

There is no ‘build inside TC radius’ hack, they either blew in and took one of your outside TCs, or they found a spot they could build in. If they were actually cheating why wouldn’t they just superjump up onto your house and blow in? As for not dying, I have won plenty of 1v4s and 1v5s, being a good player doesn’t necessarily mean someone is cheating for sure.

Imo people complaining like this is a worse problem for me than the actual cheaters. EAC are doing a good job and it makes the problem seem much larger than it is. I have gone since the wipe at the start of this month without seeing a single person I have thought was cheating for sure, and we have left our quarry running full of fuel almost every night, and never been looted.

Meanwhile I have had certain people crying that I’m a cheater all wipe after I beat them a few times or raided them, starting witchhunts on the server and ganging up en masse to report me / whine to admins about it every time they see me on.

The amount of people whining about how -everyone- who kills or raids them is a cheater was funny at first, but its just starting to get annoying now.

Most claims of base raid hacking can be explained away. For example, people say all the walls were intact - but what most likely happened was the raider put the wall back. One of the last houses I raided by guessing the door code. I strolled in like I owned the place, nicked all his good stuff, closed the door(s) like I found them and left. The owner likely complained that someone hacked in, but it was perfectly legit.

What most likely happened with you was there was a weak spot in one of your “satellite” TCs. Possibly on a slope - remember they don’t protect downwards anymore

EDIT - like the last comment, they could have taken out one of your TCs and simply replaced it

Hackers wouldn’t have used a raid tower. They would have just typed in the hack console “speedhack.jumpscale 10” and jumped inside of your base. That is how Helios Framework functions. Just google it and find out why you are wasteing your time trying to play a legit game of “RUST” the hackers game.

Bolt AK 2bandage syringe med kit in belt.

Keeps you alive quickly.
Yes I’ve won 1vs4 with shotgun.

A lot of players apparently don’t realize that the cupboard has a radius, not a square. People will put cupboards roughly 4 stone walls apart, without realizing that there’s a dip on the outer side about halfway between them. Then when I (the admin) comes back on, it’s a non-stop bitchfest about OBVIOUSLY THERE’S A HACKER.

Agreed. I go lone wolf on most other servers I play on. Lots of 1x1 or 1x2 huts, well hidden, not necessarily in good looting areas. Most of them never get raided. By spreading out my loot and staying out of the spotlight, it’s VERY possible to lurk on a server until you have a decent amount of C4. Usually the raided party winds up accusing me of being an admin, which is glorious.