Raided?? NOP all my Codes changed!

I came home this morning only to find that im dead at beach, spawned back in house with 1 bag left form 4 i had inside house. All my codes have been changed from every single doors inside main house and side ones also. I saw hole on my roof with no AOE c4 dmg leading straight down 4 floors ( Keep in mind that i used 3 metal blocks as roof + 4 Floors metal also) some 1 got down without using c4. But thats not problem they didnt get to loot room but fcked up thing all my codes are changed now im locked inside my house…

Before u say ur friends are trolling u no they are not ive checked, they are naked at beach also :S

Last seed i got all my codelocks stolen by a someone, i was living alone and nobody knew the code. I also had a suspicion that it was a cheater.

Seem to be a lot of these at the moment. Is it possible someone has shared a macro that brute forces code locks.

they could have raided and placed their own locks after demolishing your doors. i’m not sure what the intention of this thread is, really.

What do you mean raided and replaced lol… there is more then 20 metal doors inside house and every single code is changed… Yes im sure they broke every single door and then placed “new” ones and upgraded them to metal, all thet when i still have building previlege…

The point of this thread is to show that there is some sort of hack going around that is pretty much gamebreaking…

If they got access to cupboard, then that’s the case. They came in, got access, repaired damage, rebuilt everything and put their own codes on.

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Just because you can build does not mean they can’t.

I actually knew a group of people who would raid houses and then rebuild them fully to mess with people like you. So many were crying cheating on server chat.

maybe provide more information if you expect accurate answers. regardless of the number of doors, if they are bored enough or dislike you enough then it’s quite plausible. as for “showing there is some sort of game breaking hack” where exactly did you provide any proof that would be useful to the devs, or anything more that “nah totally hacks, trust me” to actually rule out the other legitimate ways they could have done this?

this seems more like a whine thread than anything. i’m surprised there isn’t a random steam id attached to your op.

U got so many posts i would think that u read what ppl post on forums. It seems that there is some hacks that can bruteforce codelocks in matter of minutes… Worst thing about this is that some 1 made post about it months ago.
U know there is AOE dmg when using c4?? ok so how come none of other walls floors didnt take any dmg? now u goona say they used pickaxes, no it takes a year to get throw walls i got. So there is no other explanation except some 1 knew code and locked us out of our base, which we wasted so much time building it 6x6 6 floors, 4 huge towers on top.
Keep in mind that i can still build they didnt get tool cupboard, so everything ur saying is useless they cannot put other doors and locks on…
The proof is there, log on amsterdam 2 and see for ur self or who ever wants proof.

Whine thread? u bet it is took me so much time to build such a huge base and get all to metal, then some random idiot unlocks it in matter of minutes… If thats not gamebreaking idk what is.

PS :

yeah, i’ve seen the threads claiming hacks that brute force codelocks. yet to see any proof of them. even in legacy people were using the same code on every door, and really common combinations like 1212 or 6969. it really wouldn’t surprise me if most of these accusations are actually people who have had their locks guessed rather than hacks.

as for your situation (which isn’t really clear in your op. you can’t expect people to know what you are talking about without actually telling them); c4 damages stuff around it, and hammers fix stuff. i’m already presuming they have a building plan and resources to build, why wouldn’t they spend the 100 wood on making a hammer too? and you retaining building rights does not mean they didn’t gain them too, just that if they did, they didn’t clear the list.

if there genuinely is a hack that does this, EAC will be on it, just like every other hack they have profiled.

The reason i think they didnt get building privilege iz cuz my cupboard is walled off and when u get inside my house there is no way of knowing where it is, im not sure if even i remeber where ive put it lol… U can understand why im upset… took me lot of time to make that base unraidable and at the end guy walks right into my house lol…

No base is unraidable.