Raided Without Missing Walls

So I know it’s near the end of the wipe so I’m not that upset that I was cleaned out. My concern is the fact that I have a Mid size solo base 4x4 with 4 floors high and my main loot room is in the center 1x1 upgraded to metal on vanilla server.

Logged in this morning and main loot room was cleaned out all HQ/Guns/C-4/Rockets gone. Trash was not touched like bows and random clothing so it makes me suspicious that they went straight for the good loot. No walls are destroyed and none of my covers had been broken into and I button mash each door code so no one has them other then me.

I would not care if I was off-line/on-line raided since it’s normal, but this ghost raid sucks because how am I suppose to defend against this?

Guess they blew to the cupboard then rebuilt the walls back out.

Its fairly common to replace the walls they had to break to get to the cupboard and claim buildingrights. It’s kinda lame because it makes raids look like hacks, but in most case, it’s legit.

So I got home from work and caught the culprit red handed. I could hear someone on my roof so I went to go check and the guy was flying and running 10x faster then normal.

He floated over my roof and laughed saying he was back for the rest then no clipped into my base.

Was on New York server and his name was **Popper **but when I did F7 to report him the name would not come up on the list. Any other way to report this guy?

One reason you don’t play on the official servers, get on a community server with an active admin.

Completely agree, officials are swarming with hackers

You’d think it was the other way around.

It probably would be for a finished game, but the devs don’t have the time/resources to properly manage their servers. IMO they should be advertised as “test” servers with a big disclaimers saying they’re not monitored etc

although perhaps more accurately, they are test servers that occasionally have admins/devs on to test shit who will wreck you if you have been fucking with the server.