Raiders Attack


Where’d you get the pirate models from?

Unless these aren’t the Far Cry 3 onss then I think they were ported by someone on SFM a little while ago.

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Those colours are amazing man.

Far Cry 3 pirates? They are in sfm workshop.

How can that be the original? You’re telling me those muzzleflashes and explosions are made in gmod? Is it some kind of an effects addon you used?

Sorry, but that’s sfm. Explosions are particles and muzzleflashes are actually props from Squiddy’s ut3 pack.

Oh that’s neat then, is there a gmod version of it?

Nailed the color palette. My only complaint is that there are too many guns. Needs more improvised weapons.

These Mad Max pics are really getting me ready for the game in a day or so.

pretty great

a rule of thumb for gun fire effects though: less tracers, more impacts.

You can never have enough dakka.

this is badass

This is really awsome

where did u get dust effect and explosive effect?