Raiders in the Dark

Hockey masks are cool, reminds me of borderland bandits.


You’ve inspired me to take up your concept.

The black hellhole in the center doesn’t really look like a bullet hole if that’s what it’s actually meant to be.
The orange trail doesn’t help it.

And I have no idea what the vehicle on the right is supposed to be or how it’s supposedly built mostly because of the high amounts of motion blur which makes it look like an unrecognizable blob with the front of a jeep and the rest is a mystery. (I wouldn’t recommend doing so because even if it’s clear to you. It’s not clear to anyone else who is supposedly going to see the picture.)

Also, I don’t recommend the use of the same model multiple times in the same shot, without at least bit of editing to make them look a bit different from each other.

I would like it without the excessive motion blur.

This is awesome.

Borderlands helloooo