Raiders of the broken planet BETA

Hello everyone!
Recently i’ve got invitation to closed beta of Raiders of Broken Planet

with help of Anexenaumoon i’ve extracted game files and here’s sample of model folder:

Textures aren’t opening nor in noesis, nor in photoshop.
Random texture i’ve opened in HxD is probably dxt1, but i have absolute no knowledge on how to make it work, though they are all already in .dds format.
Models in .msh, animation in .sm3 and materials are in .mtl

Link to zenhax thread

Some images from the game[/T] [T][/T] [T][/T]
[T][/T] [T]

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I’ve tried to use old script for Lords of Shadow models as well as 3d model converter for models, not working, as expected.

The game has nice art and rare to find style. Gameplay is not that great, but i’m here for models))
Will try ninja ripper just to check if it work, but i hope for proper import from game, since it’s already decompressed.

Tried ninja ripper with it, works nice, before monday i will have all significant stuff i can grab

Though i would be super happy if someone could provide import script for rigged models

I have modified and released the 3D Object Converter v6.520 as a web update.

How to get the 3D Object Converter v6.520:
Please download the 3D Object Converter from and install it
or download the portable version and extract it into a folder.

Run the program and use the Help/check for updates function to get it.

I will release the updated i3DConverter for Mac and Linux versions later.

Use the correct extract script to extract the Raiders of the Broken Planet archives: