Raiders, Roll!

Waddaya think? =3

Might want to edit in photoshop if you can.
Also the right side looks a bit naked; throw a dropship or something in that space.

no you fucking don’t when you don’t have the basics down ffs

the lower edge of the screen has absolutely nothing to look at. here i fixed that

the upper right corner of the pic is still empty and boring tho

can you set the screen resolution higher?

also, maximize the image quality. if you look closely around the edges of the Marines, you see all kinds of messy scribble. those are JPEG artifacts and everyone hates them. for the best results take your pics as .TGAs (use the devshots_screenshot console command) and then convert the images into high-quality .JPGs in Photoshop or Gimp or whatever, or use the “poster” console command and set the scale to 1 or 2 to get nice lossless (using the command “poster 2” or “poster 3” of course eliminates the need for a higher screen resolution) .PNG pictures which you then convert into high-quality .JPGs

after you’ve taken care of this we can start talking about angles, colors, composition (which isn’t that bad in this pic actually) and lighting

I don’t know why it looks like that. Every other picture I’ve ever posted never had that, and I didn’t change any options :confused:

Also, is there anything that even needs to be added in photoshop?

Also, I didn’t save the scene (because I’m a doofus and I’m not sure how to), so if there are any pointers you’d like to give me, I’d have to re-do the whole scene (which I don’t mind doing, but this time I’d save it)

well some post-production visual effects can always improve a scene a lil bit, or a lot depending on how much stuff one has to add

if you remake this, try to crop it so that you don’t have any empty (eg. uninteresting) space (such as the upper right area and the ground in the original version) in the pic

Well at the time I was trying to get people to look up there and notice there’s a ghost in the building with a sniper.

But now that I think about it, it seems kind of stupid and if/when I re-make the scene I won’t bother and instead focus on the lighting, composition and angles.

Any tips for that? Also, how’s the posing? When I show my friend, it’s always what he’s bitching about.