raiding and building problem


I have read a lot of posts about the issues of building and raiding bases. You have one side who say they want protection so they can build without their buildings being destroyed to easily or at all and you have the other side who want to be able to raid with no issues (tool cupboards, getting to floors, etc).
I don’t think there is that much of a divide as most want to raid and build and only the few prefer to do one or the other but there is a big divide because of the current structure of the game.

I personally believe the main issue and cause of all this is the fact that most players bases get raided while they are offline and that is what causes so much frustration. For example i could build up a nice base over the weekend and after i get home from work on the Monday my base has been raided/destroyed. How many bases actually get raided while the base owner is in game? i doubt many from my play (and i also run a server).
I believe if most players were in game at the time of being raided and they had the chance to defend themselves then there wouldn’t be so many issues with building/raiding that we are having now, the problem obviously is having a system in place which allows that to happen and if there was a system then the tool cupboard could be removed which would allow players to build stairs to floors while raiding and the builders have the chance to defend.

I proposed a system in another thread although that thread was to do with something else so thought i’d start a new thread to see what others thought about my system, whether any improvements could be made or even come up with a better system. They could even run a server with a system like this to trial it out to see if it actually works better?

Anyway my idea/post from the other thread ( was this:

I posted the idea but then responded with a slightly clearer explanation which is why there is 2. I will try and tidy it up when i get a chance (at work atm :)).


I’m not a big fan of artificial invulnerabilities… that’s the same path we went down with Cupboards. Defensive bonuses to your walls when offline is something that was talked about even back in Legacy, but there’s a lot of room for abuse and inaccuracy.

I’d prefer to see a more complex building system with more outward-facing defense mechanisms… things that aren’t effective unless they’re active, and can only be active if someone is inside (EDIT: more correctly, if someone is either inside or went inside and then logged off). The simplest version would be a barred door. The more complicated things would involve moving parts, not static placements. Given where we’re at right now, I don’t see that kind of complexity being viable any time soon.

Hi Murdo,

Fair enough but how it is at the moment with how people can raid you while your offline is an artificial vulnerability.
Having this system provides risk to both players, defender and attacker. If you are the defender and online you have to protect your base, if you are the defender and offline and don’t come back on after a while then you risk losing your base but at least you have some control over your play time with RL circumstances (although not all, but some). If you are the attacker then you have that risk that raiding someone they would either defend or if away from base, come back and attack you.
Cupboards is totally different as that’s effective all the time and is all about the base and not about that players. If you take the cupboard away then it favours the raiders/regular players and that’s what the issue is.

After reading my idea what’s open to abuse and inaccuracy as i would welcome the feedback? and then can amend if needed as all ideas need tweaking to get right.

I would also like defence mechanisms in place but there not in game yet and probably not going to be for quite a while (not even got an npc in yet apart from the animals). Even if they do get around to doing something like that then that could also be open to abuse and balancing issues. Also the main problem with that is the extra lag defence system will place on the servers, just imagine all the buildings with full on defences in a fully populated server, would be good to have but a strain on the server.

Off the top of my head:
Abuses could include collusion among players either across multiple servers or playing at different timezones to inhabit bases for which they have door codes but not builder rights. That could result in nearly perpetual invulnerability even when online. Ownership couldn’t be tied to the structure, since two structures with different builders could theoretically overlap or connect… which would mean more per-module tracking in the code. Players who were outnumbered/outgunned and spotted a party approaching their site would be encouraged to log off to protect their base. Similarly, players could troll other players by firing periodic shots at their wall from a distance to keep the 20-minute timer running when they suspected the base owner was trying to log off.

As I said, I see the benefit in having some small bonuses to defense when a house owner is offline, in principle. But the more potent the bonuses are, the more effort players will be willing to expend to exploit them. There are holes in my suggestion too: multiple sleeping bag functionality and mods with TP enabled, for instance.

Just get more creative with traps. How about a snare that if you’re caught in, you can not get out unless someone cuts you down. If you were a solo raider and got caught the snare should hold your dead body to not despawn allowing the building owner to come loot your body. Make these traps placeable only in or attached to a player made structure and not to trees. Add a trap door that if someone takes the wrong path to your base the floor falls open and drops them in a spiked pit or leave your character there for looting by he base owner.

Fix the fall damage to stop the 10 story 5 floor jumps without ill effects other than say a loss of HP. How about we break legs again, and he only way to fix that is with time passing and use of a medkit and a splint. Also make the player slowed after fall damage and a repair with kits and splint so they can not run or jump as high.

To replace the tower raiding method we could have grappling hooks and ladders added so we can scale the walls. You would have to be fast when you set the C4 though so you don’t get killed.