[ Raiding and Gun Improvement Ideas ] + some older stuff to keep it out there. - Feedback Appreciated

Explosions should cause some shaking and multiple explosions should make the shaking more violent. This should be felt at a considerable distance so people near the raid know theres something happening.
C4 should have to be placed first and play a beep or something along those lines, and then require your to start detonation afterwards, this could allow for more efficient raiding and allow for more strategy. The beep would alert people in close proximity to C4 being placed but you could hold explosions until your ready for attention. You could also demolish bases at the press of a button like this… possibly allowing situations like demanding something from someone or you’ll blow up their whole base :stuck_out_tongue:
Walls should show physical damage and when breached should only breach the most damaged part. Not sure how this would work, as having multiple damages zones might mean a lot more entities. If a good way to do this was found it would be really cool to have.

You should need to research Gunpowder which in turn should also unlock basic guns such as Eoka and Waterpipe Shotgun. Makes sense that you should learn how guns would theoretically launch bullets before you can make something the guns to launch the bullets.
Should be fully modular and have both handmade and “retail” grade components.
The retail grade components would be the only researchable ones, which would allow you to craft the handmade versions.
Retail would be only found in loot and have the grades: Badly Damaged, Damaged, Beaten, Dirty, Good and Excellent. There would also be an Incomplete grade which would require you to have researched the equivalent part to patch up (This grade is for Firing Mechanisms only.). Retail grades hold more Attachments then handmade.
Handmade would only be crafted have the grades: Trash, Shoddy, Ok, Good and Great. The more complicated the gun the less likely you are to get better grades.
Grades would determine Durability, Reliability, Damage, Accuracy, and Recoil. This wouldn’t be by a huge amount. As for Durability as Items break and are repaired, as Durability drops so does the grade to match.
Handmade parts would be salvageable so you can have a re attempt at getting a better grade, but at a slight loss of ingredients.
Parts would be Firing mechanism, Stock, Barrel, and Casing. Casing would have other components added to it similar to attachments to build the gun, and you can “lock” it so that you have to unlock it to edit the gun, while locked you can add other attachments.
Handmade Gun parts could also have either a seed to make them procedurally generated so everyones slapped together gun looks like a clone or have a couple different models for them.
There would be different versions of components for different uses.

Terrain Destruction
Adding to the Freedom of Rust, how about being able to destroy whatever you want? Think about it…
Mines, Terraforming, Blowing up the Globe (lol), Basements, Underground Bases…
How about Creating your own Terrain?
Artificial Hills, Dirt Mound Barricades, Ramps for Vehicles anyone?
How about chucking some mounds around your solo base to hide it a little? Turning a Mountain into a base?
Large Tunnels in the ground would have to be supported or they collapse in on themselves (Wouldn’t affect Surface after a certain distance down to stop people collapsing others bases). :pudge:
Also: Replace Ore Nodes with ore in the many rocks in the world, and place these rocks underground as well as to make mines a possibility (would probably need a solution to collider limits first) and give rocks a seed to have them randomly generated similar to whats in the Guns section of this thread so you don’t keep finding this same rock everywhere you look…

Other Older Stuff:
01 - Player Placed Roads, Current terrain generated roads would look more like damaged tar roads and players would be able to place gravel roads, they would lock together like high external walls do and are smoothed out to make for easier passage and for use with cars.
02 - Balcony Supports, Like diagonal pillars, they distribute stability to allow for stronger balconies at the cost of overall stability, could support one building extension and one balcony past that, but any further would compromise the stability of the main structure itself.
03 - Medkit Storage, Medkits would store: [ 3 Medical Syringes, 5 Bandages, 10 RadPills and 5 Canned Food ] and each could be used individually or you could use the medkit in your hotbar to automatically use the supplies you need, and an animation to go along with it would be your character rummaging through the kit for the needed supplies.
04 - Semi Trailers, it would be cool to have big tucks to carry large amounts or resources that would need protection, and solo players could sabotage them with landmines on their routes so that they could run in there and get some goodies in the chaos.
05 - Spawn with Nothing, When you spawn you should have a completely empty inventory, and you could go find a rock to use or even use materials on the beach to craft a stone axe/pickaxe. there could be washed up crates with torches and stuff in them too.
06 - More Logical Quarries, Quarries should be bigger and make a hole under them or at least look like they have holes under them as magical buckets floating out of they ground is pretty retarded.
07 - Tank Style Tracks for Vehicles, this would be just plain badass, and would be more resilient to bullets but less so to explosions, and would allow faster movement on snow, where as tyres would sink in too much but the tracks would be slower than wheels on normal land.
08 - Rear Mounted Turret for Vehicles, would be operated by another player, otherwise pretty self explanatory.
09 - Guns Missfire, Gun continues to shoot, but may skip a bullet dealing a bit of extra damage to the gun at the same time.
10 - Tinkering Table, Can modify weapons, make them more reliable and change out parts, this would be where gun mods are applied as well.
11 - Spread Mining Resources More, It encourages clans to move away from some areas leaving a quieter area for lower level players to progress as well as making trade desirable.
12 - Larger, More Productive Mining Rigs, that somehow are balanced to make them a community item rather than a personal one, possibly making town areas reasonable to share resources with each other.
13 - Rubble, is created after building parts collapse, and can be mined for a percentage of the building parts resources or if left alone would decay.
14 - Bridge Foundations, Can be placed on much steeper and much higher places than building foundations, and can have either trusses, walls on either side or something along those lines to add a cosmetic appeal, they are the size of 3x3 building foundations and can be passed under. Can accompany Player Placed Roads.