Raiding balancing

Raiding has in many cases become about destroying rather than stealing, the reason for this is because pillars foundations and ceilings are too weak

to fix this i say: foundations must have x8 the health of a wall and ceilings x4 so thats 4000 hp for a foundation and 2000 for a ceiling

and for the pillars: they should make it so that pillars only take damage if hit directly

this would make raiding alot more about stealing not griefing

so what do you guys think?

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We need more voters what does the community think its time to raise your voice ppl ! :slight_smile:

You’re onto something here. The foundation/pillar/floor “superstructure” pieces should resist weapons and tools–even rockets and C4. (This would be similar to the way things worked in Legacy.)

Experimental’s Mind Map listed “siege weapons” following vehicles. Siege weapons could then target that superstructure to collapse and destroy buildings through protracted battles.

As much as this would seem to help you base survive somewhat, if you think about it you saying you could bomb a skyscraper and only really damage the vertical walls.

but atm ppl mostly grief and destroy so how is this a bad thing? it will force raiders to choose more wisely not just full throttle for the middle and then just blow all the ceilings

What we really need is a roof buff plus a better way to make a roof for larger bases like 7x8, that doesn’t really work with how roofs work right now. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a real roof without it being a weak spot…

im not saying that im just saying foundations and ceilings need hp buff :slight_smile: but the pillar option yes a little unrealistic but for balance

Yes! that’s exactly what we need.

That or allow us to double up on roof protection while maintaining style points: let us add the usual boxy floor (ceiling) up top as well as the slanted roof piece. Since the roof overhangs you’d have to blast through it first, then your flat piece.

I think this is the wrong way to go by simply just boosting construction.

Why is that?

A C4 runs in these numbers to make:
25 explosives
5 cloth

25 explosives cost to make:
1250 gun powder
75 low grade fuel
250 sulfur
10 metal fragments

1250 gun powder cost to make:
3750 charcoal
2500 sulfur

So as you can see a C4 cost a lot more and you need 2 of them to breach an armored door, an armored wall need 3. Now you want to increase the cost a lot for raiders and no change for the base defender.
I would say it would be better to allow the base builders to reinforce their buildings, so they need to use extra resources to make their current structures stronger. That way each have several sub tier that you can enhance your structures into for a cost, this way you can also make stronger wood, stone and sheet metal buildings.

Place blocks on top of roof. Roof is now buffed

However, to gain the “buff” you now have to construct block upon block, whereas if you can reinforce the current construction, you can keep the size down while making the building stronger.

A lot of the griefing in this game is flat out clearing buildings to claim territory, my clan does this too, so please don’t take it personally that some people will be against this. As a clan doing this helps keep threats away and allows you to expand compounds making clearing buildings necessary in quite a few situations.

i think this is lame kinda because in legacy because you couldent get rid of your neighbourghs completely it would be a constant battle much more fun, and as a solo player you would dare going pretty agressive since you couldent lose your whole house…

but all im saying is buff it, you can still grief but it should be harder definently