Raiding doesnt seem practical and needs a lot of fine tuning

I just got done watching a ton of rust raid videos on youtube. Most by phaedo 82 (rustopia) and some origination from other servers, particularly rustified.

What seems apparent in all of the large scale raids is that defenders have an enormous advantage over the raiders right now. Defenders advantage is good imo but right now it’s completely out of tune, in one case 40-50 players raided a large base with only about 8 players and defenders won, despite the ungodly amount of supplies the raiders had (world war rustopia).

Its so easy to make a stone wall, yet it takes 2 c4 or 3-4 rockets to take it out. That’s crazy. I’m a solo player and this doesn’t help me as much as it deters me from ever wanting to raid. Instead, i just use my base as a spawn point so i can go around and kill people outside of their bases. Why would i ever remotely consider investing in c4? taking out a small armored 4x4 would take at least 6-8 c4, and there’s a very good chance i gain little to nothing for my MASSIVE risk.

Raiding=insane buy-in+Skill+tons of players to raid with= Very low chance of victory, and if victory is achieved, loot will likely just be an afterthought, as it won’t really make up for supplies used to get to it.

Not to come off as rude, but, yeah, no shit, the game is far from balanced and the devs know this. Welcome to alpha. Things will get better over time.

There are a number of puzzle pieces missing from the picture still. Check out the Rust mind map for what the devs have publicly announced as plans. (There are other things they’re holding back from us for now so they don’t spoil everything before the game’s even out.)

Rest assured raiding balance comes and goes. Since this isn’t RaidSimulator 2015 at the moment, try playing the other aspects of the game.

1,30h to break down 1 Wall and the time afford without gathering burning etc. raiding 5x5x3 takes nearly ages even if its only stone. the game is a Farmingsimulator but not a raiding simulator. Jokes. Kappa

Well that 50 man raid team was also about as intelligent as a bag of rocks, they should have gone up on that mountain to scout the layout of the inner base, then targeted the armored shit with c4, there was one building that looked like a highly important loot structure but they started the raid on the opposite side of the wall.

The entire raid was just silly, very little coordination for forethought.

It was slow breaking down that one wall because they had a bunch of drunk fools shooting rockets to break down that outer wall, of which most of them missed from like a distance of nothing. Should have used c4 and breached from two entry points, one near the large armored building and the other is the one point they started at, pincering works best with the numbers advantage, if they spreaded that defense team thin they would have won.

organizing large scale raid must be near impossible. im having trouble getting a 4 man raid on track( i play with asian and we barely understand each other lol).

But no, defender do not always have advantage. i’m particularly not good at defending, and when we get raided, we get owned most of time, even when the number are same. what happend is 4-6 armored and geared guys come around our house and shoot. then we cant even go out of our house, because as soon as one of us point our head, we get shot by 4 of them. defending is hard, and those 8 guys defending in world war must have been good and organized, had the material to repair, etc. and the raiders were a bit disorganized. also, the globe tank is OP if the defender are online.

Most raids take place offline.

I have to say I watched that raid and though OMG, how, why, what on earth are they doing…

But I run a small clan and it’s fair to say it’s real tough to get organised and effective at raiding, we are ok, but we are not great yet. Theres alot of work to be done.

As for the whole “50 people can’t raid a base of 8 people”, those 50 people must have been the 50 worst players in the history of Rust. If you can’t win with 5v1 odds, then you should probably find another game.

lol what other aspects of the game, raiding is the end game, the point of building up and farming.


Don’t act like the game is done. There will be tornadoes sooner or later.


I dont understand how everyone gets off on calling this game a survival game.

its a persistent sandbox FPS with survival elements, mainly being other players

That is just what is in as of right now. What more is to come?

Hey, I’m late, so


Its been like that the last 2+ years you can call a dog a cat but it’s still a dog. And personally the less survivalist the game is the better.

And judging how everyone was crying over the rain, it will most likely stay a dog.

That is probably what the people who wanted zombies to stay thought before they were removed…
I mean it had been that way for over a year!

This game is still in early development. There is a lot that will change. Just look at farming and mining. These didn’t exist in the last 2 years.

Zombies added more survival into the game then barrels though :wink: and you had to fire off shots which alerted everyone around the rad town you were there.

I dont see mining or farming working out in its current state. I cant say much for farming since i never seen or used the mechanic… But without being able to enclose or guard your mining effectively no one will really use it until they nerf the shit out of nodes more.

I just dont see a radical change to a “survival” game but who knows

There should be snakes, scorpions, spiders, and sharks that can kill you.

Elix has the right of it here. “Siege weapons” on the mind map would be a real game changer, and could be the complex-but-powerful counterbalance to base defenses like spikes/barricades, landmines, and (very soon) turrets.

C4 and rockets should be breaching weapons only–fine for knocking in walls and doors, but massively reduced against foundations, pillars (which should be damn strong), and floors. (This sounds like a total nerf unless you’ve spent time in Legacy.)

To go after the whole building, siege weapons like gunpowder barrels, cannon, and mortars should be the engines of building destruction. First you’d lay down the siege weapon carriage from the build wheel, then you’d upgrade it in timed stages to full functionality. You’d load, aim, and fire it like you turn quarries on and off.

When vehicles get added you could make mobile siege weapons from a modular siege chassis.

Instead of raiding a base, we will lay siege to a compound, requiring mixing different weapons in order to defeat the barricaded walls that define turret-guarded killzones filled with land mines. Whether the defenders are on or offline, it will be a richer experience than simply blasting at a single multilayer honeycombed base building.