Raiding double doors

There is a sick exploit atm, you can shoot down a double door with explosive ammo by shooting on the frame or on the foundation by only using around 64 bullets. Please fix this ASAP by a hotfix!

Is the frame upgraded sufficiently? I see a TON of people leaving wood (or twig!) frames with armored doors. These people then cry “ADMIN ABOOSE” when they get raided.

Hey man, quite a few players refuse to own their own shortcomings.

While I have broken into so many bases already this wipe just by shooting out twig floor frames the bug is legit. A stack of explosive ammo goes through a double door [Which sucks because they are so expensive and cool]

Even with the frame upgraded I believe they are still much weaker than a reg door frame

Wells they just added them in, I’m sure they’ll be tweaked some more along with high walls.