Raiding Gamers DarkRP

Hello Facepunch :smiley:

I saw someone ells post there DarkRP server and I noticed it did not have that much to offer so I thought I would get it a shot.

My DarkRP runs on a regular downtown map and we have added simple DarkRP customization such as our HUD and SKIN but we also have more advanced additions such as our car dealer and our custom mission.

We are doing an update tomorrow with a day and night cycle and a few other things so if you wan’t to stick around, that’s great!

Here is our website:

And here is our server IP:

We are always looking for friendly players and staff!

Also if this is advertising tell me and I will remove. I just think I may have something new to offer.

no, this is not obviously advertising.

Sounds pretty neat though. I like servers with NPC Entities and night/day.

Blatant advertising, wrong section.

Where is the right section?

Advertising is bannable, and there is no board for advertising because we don’t like it.

You can try the Games in Progress section, but you’ll just get insulted for it being DarkRP, so I wouldn’t.

Post Removed.

Wow, it clearly reads right below the “New Thread” button: This isn’t the place for Help & Support threads or Server advertising threads. YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU DO.

And can you tell us, how is this not advertising?

You’re implying people actually read things. And if they do, they swell their chest and says “well that doesn’t apply to ME!”

In unrelated news, I like your avatar.

Sounds like a real blast.

Thanks for taking the time to read all that. Those rules are a bit out of date; we were a brand new community then.

SA’s can’t do all that now.