Raiding - indestructible metal doors

I’ve had enough of this. I’m the type of guy who likes saving his gear, not just losing it.
The most logic thing you can do is add an option to modded servers to disable the option to destroy metal doors.

Wooden ones is more logic to be destroyed, but losing my base every night is not what I thought I’m buying.
Having a house with 500 doors in it is just stupid, I’m trying to have fun and this is decaying and frustrating.

Same as sleepers ON/OFF modded servers, make Raids ON/OFF mode aswell.

For the people who don’t agree:
You don’t have to play on it, and you don’t have to like this idea - I know I’d like to see it, and I know that others might will aswell.

I understand that this is alpha, but this is a major function that must be added.
I’m sure many new servers will turn this feature on.
Thank you.

People here gets misconfused.
It’s an option to turn on or off when you first host your server.
You don’t have to join this server, you can still do raids on the other servers that you usually play on, since it’s the type of game you might like.
I like this option as much as you people like raids.
There is no harm here to any of us, in fact, it might lure more people into buying more servers.
the sleepers on/off option has been there and it never spoiled anyone’s gameplay yet. i don’t see how this option will ruin yours.

if some people like it, why not supporting us? even if you don’t like it, think how does it harm me, and how does it benefit others. so why not helping out?.. it’s your call.

You are an idiot. I will leave it at that.

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This is the stupidest bullshit I’ve heard in a while…

so you are allowed to have fun because you played since the game started, and you probally have stacks of hundreds of C4s and i’m not allowed to?

this is why a turn on or off option should be added, same as the sleepers.

It is a survival game. you will get raided and die a lot. do I need to spell it out for you? If you don’t like raiding, go play Minecraft, kid. Otherwise quit complaining, you just need to build a stronger structure and be more aggressive in defending your house. Get better or get out. That is how it works.

It’s pretty obvious what he’s asking for.

He would like it to be possible for servers to be created where metal doors are indestructible.

Anyone that is wasting any amount of time in here that disagrees is probably missing the point, if you like destructible doors, then keep playing the way you are, but for guys like our friend here that don’t like being raided, maybe someday he can find a new server with new options, with non-destructible metal doors.

Survival game this, raids are cool that, blah blah blah. Bottom line is an OPTION for what he’s suggesting for people that PURCHASE their OWN SERVER to use, would not effect anyone but the people that join that server.

I personally think non-destructible doors would be really lame and a terrible idea, so I would NEVER join a server with that option selected. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Go f yourself i payed 20$ for this game and i’m allowed to have fun in my own way and say what I want.
calling me an idiot for saying whats on my mind without bothering others? i’m asking for an OPTION TO TURN ON AND OFF.
I’ll play on my favorite servers, and you where ever you want.
are you better then me because you have 800 posts in this forum? telling me to go play something else? what are you so pissed off about? because the game got on steam and people are now buying it and suggesting ideas?
deal with it, you don’t like it, go play something else, kid. maybe mindcraft.



Specifically to you, jonnymad, you sound like a raging lunatic. This game is for sale right? The developer wants more money right? Creating more options that don’t hurt the current game but ADD to the way it can be played can only further the success of the game.

Seriously put some thought into this bro.

HAHAHA! That’s REALLY rich kid. I tell you again, go play Minecraft or Call of Doody, it’s better suited for someone of your demeanor.

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I just can’t handle people being this stupid, I am normally a pretty okay guy.

never played neither. well, call of duty 2 long time ago when you still had them diapers.
get out of my thread, you’re not wanted here. you may vote and leave, son.

This is not how a suggestion/opinion works.

A lot of people seem to forget that Rust is mainly a survival PvP game, not entirely a base builder. The game is all about struggle, gain, and loss between players. If it were nothing but gain and easy victories - it would be pointless and get boring quick.

Many people enjoy raiding and destroying bases because they were the victims, once. It’s satisfying to claw your way to the top and make sure no one else stays there with you. It’s not easy, but no one said it would be.

This is a public forum, I am allowed to speak my opinions as much as you are. And I’m certain that I am a good 10 years older than you, and I am only 19. As for my opinion, it does not need to be done, it is a stupid suggestion, I would have left it at that, but you had to include that line about not replying if you don’t agree. that makes my blood boil because it is literally the dumbest thing I have ever read.

I don’t think the warden here took the best approach explaining his idea, but I don’t disagree with what he’s saying. There is really no reason for ANYONE to be against an option for something that can be put on a custom server.

If he was suggesting a core gameplay change that is understandable. But options are always good, as long as they don’t force a change to the core gameplay the DEVs have in mind. And an option for ‘unofficial’ servers to disable Raids, allow flying unicorns and fingernail painting wouldn’t hurt me. Because that’s fairy sh*t and I wouldn’t go near that server. But more power to the fairies.

BTW - this is similar to the whole gay marriage debacle. Who cares? It doesn’t effect you move along.

A man of sense, thank you.

You know what, i made a mistake typing that. i admit.
what I really meant was if you have some hate or raging opinion like this guy had, stay away.
these kind of posts only drag others (and me) to more rage flames and spam.

stating other opinions is fine, just not like he did.

Stop raiding my thread jonny, i wish i had an option to turn you off right now :slight_smile:

Point taken, that’s not what I am caught up on though, it’s the blatant ignorance and stupidity he is showing when posing the idea. And I respectfully disagree with the idea, but disrespectfully disagree with everything else he said.

So how does a custom server with no raiding effect this core element, when we’re seeing here most people would never join such a server?

It doesn’t. It only adds further diversity, which = more sales, and more content.

If that is what you want go host a server and make it happen, otherwise leave it be, no one else supports the idea because we want raiding, not that we want to be raided, but we want to raid.

nice Raiding hat bro

Not my profile, but that got a huge laugh out of me :v: I haven’t updated my URL, my profile is here.