Raiding like a Boss , cupboard useless

pls fix this

Yeah my new builds are getting destroyd aswell.
Realllly hope they fix this so i can keep my stuff

BTW floor panels are also way to easy to destroy at this level.
The only thing a griefer needs to is get to the roof or window and hes in.

Cupboards weren’t meant to stop raiding. They’re meant to stop people from walling you in your own structure by blocking doors and things like that. Considering they’re not done with the building system, I’d enjoy being an asshole while you can if that’s your thing.

Where are all these people getting the idea that the cupboard’s purpose was to help them protect their base against raids?

If anything, they should remove the cupboard’s no-build zone and leave the demolish ability, which allows raid-building but gives the homeowner the means to blow away any attempts at griefing.

Not sure if raiding using unintentional glitches makes you a boss, but good post it does need to be addressed.

Evryone know this bug and now raid with this method, i just got killed again…

This update broke the game, please allow us to rollback to the previous build system, you know, the one where we could build secured lvl 6 with multiple walls houses ! Thanks


Well thanks for this, let the trolling begin, pro roadmap on the vision of this game

This is why I am waiting it out.

Cool video. I’ve made the right choice staying away for now. Can’t wait until they sort these things out or, figure out if they want cupboards or not.

Meanwhile on steam :

I don’t know why people are disagreeing this seems like the best idea. I think they should ditch the cupboard and replace it with a flag rising from it’s base up until it is a couple meters over any buildings. From this base you can enable players to be able to destroy stuff. Also please let us upload our own image and use it on our shirts, maybe tatoos etc. Rust is all about a couple guys making a base for themselves and run around in the same clothes really feeling like a unified band of criminals!

Since when has rust been about being criminals. I truely hate the workd these days! What will the future hold for humanity when this is the default attitude. Cant wait for the zombie apocalyps to clen this planet up a bit

how do u get the radial menu? is it a console keybind or something?

Equip hammer and right-click hold, for the building menu.
For “Use” menu, hold down the “Use” button (‘E’ by default).
For the building objects menu, equip Building Plan and right-click hold.

Wow, this game had a peak userbase of over 50k people playing at the beginning of the year.

Now it’s lucky to hit a tenth of that.


Also, legacy is boring and full with cheaters now… experimental changes a lot and is buggy/exploitable, has less features implemented then legacy… May I ask, when was the last time you looked at the top right corner and read that 5-letter word after “rust” that starts with “a” and ends with “lpha” ?

Why NO? Reading the release notes of that patch with the new building system, it says over and over again that the main reason is because they want us out of our houses and not hammering for days and days. Ok then why change the whole building system? Oxide showed how its done, it was a server admin choice but it could surely be easy implemented. Just keep the old building system and change the cost of resources and change the build-up time. I mean it took like 75 whacks to go from wood to steel. Some Oxide servers had Insta-Build on different levels, some with 1 whack to steel some with 2 whacks per level.

So why change the whole building system that actually worked and houses wer buildable and somewhat safe without cupboards instead of just changing the proce on resource and the building times. Seems to me this would have been the easier way to get us out of the houses and new bugs wouldn´t have been introduced. I mean we have enough construction sites in this game as it is, there is no need to bring new features with new construction sites and bugs while other problems should have higher prority at the moment.

This should not be a rant but the way things are going with Rust atm I am seriously not surprised why the userbase is dropping so rapidly from alsmost 60k to 5k… that is over 1000% whitin a year that speaks for itself.