Raiding other peoples houses even though it's PvE

Hey guys, I have a PvE server running and there are people which keep moaning that they were being robbed even though they decided to play on mine because it’s PvE, but there’s nothing I can do about at the moment is there? except having rules which we enforce

Also, you can properly protect your house so it’s hard to raid your properly protected house right?

What do you guys think…? :confused:

Player versus environment

what’s the problem?

Your building is part of the enviroment though, so kinda pointless for those people to rage about it.

^That’s not really true.

Ignore the tards saying it’s part of the game. It doesn’t need to only be fun for 70% of the people that play. It’s alpha, it’ll get better.

It’s a PVP game first and foremost.

Second, the buildings are part of the enviroment whether you like it or not. You use the ground to build upon, introducing just more elements to the enviroment through construction.

Finally. Calling people tards because we state the obvious? What then is a player house placed upon the ground in an open world PVP game if not a part of the enviroment?

Not saying i’d raid a base on a PVE server myself since resources are so easy to obtain, but it’s still a part of the enviroment.

PVE just means you can’t kill other players. Says nothing about their bases!

I think you are kinda pointing out this guys problem. I don’t play PvE servers as being friendly and meeting players means so much less, but if you cant kill a player on a server they shouldn’t be able to raid your house and loot your storage either. PvE mode has been in since the start/very early and many people really enjoyed it so it isn’t necessarily a PvP game just because we choose to play on PvP servers, it should be up to the server owner to decide. No c4 mods may also be the way to go for those who run PvE servers.

There’s no such mod out yet though is there?

OK honey, you don’t need to make fallacies to try to get your point across. PvP doesn’t mean it has to be impossible for new users to get started.

Raiding a base a person owns is still PvP. In my opinion it shouldnt be allowed on a PvE server. If they wanted that kind of thing they would play on a PvP server, surely??

If the game wants to cater for PvE then it needs to be done properly.

I saw a server advertising no c4 in a thread earlier, they claimed it was removed from crates, zombies and airdrops. here it is I think.

I don’t see why you would event want to play PvE. It’s a PvP game and it should be played like that.

Luckily everyones allowed their own opinions :slight_smile:

Yes. of course. but I don’t see why people complain about it. There is nothing they can do about it not any one else.

They just have to accept it.

I don’t see why I would even want to play PvE. I feel that its a PvP game and I should play it like that.

There you go Rsms I fixed your post.

Then why even bother having PvE servers? Plus theirs even official PvE servers.

This is why you dont play pve. Stop being a pussy and switch over to pvp now… I really dont get the point of the game where you cant kill the other person. The only option I can see for pve is to build big bases, but in pve you can destroy bases… So in reality there is no point in playing pve. Deal with it or switch

Is that aimed at me? I dont play PvE and never once said i did? I myself also dont think their is much point in playing PvE in this game but i can understand people that do. Its called being open minded and its good business sense to be able to cater for more than one type of person…

My point was, in case you didn’t read everything (Which i believe is the case), that bases are part of the enviroment. If they were invisible to everyone but the owner, fine but they’re not.

They’re world objects that you can interact with. If the developers change that aspect on a PVE server that’s fine, but for now, people should just deal with the fact that bases can, and will be raided on any PVE server.

Rust without raiding means a shelter and a wood door = endgame. You’ve survived. Congrats.

Survival doesn’t mean grinding resource nodes and colonizing resource fields with ridiculous structures. Without raiding, that’s what this game is reduced to.

Well, since you can’t shoot people on a PvE server, the base raiding part of the game is all that’s left. I believe it’s intentionally part of the PvE experience. You basically get the same gameplay as the PvP servers (most of em) without the worry of getting shot as you’re harvesting and such.