Raiding the "Unraidable" Base! [Rust Video]

First video i’ve made on rust, put a fair bit of effort into it :slight_smile: Sorry for my microphone cutting off and sounding… Well… Not the best, it’s just that i use Push-to-talk because my microphone has too much background noise/static. The raid on the supposed unraidable base happens 3/4 through the video. Any feedback is taken into consideration, i’m very new to this whole commentating thing. Hope you enjoyed!

Also, that group we killed, we got accused of aimbotting and using hacks… One of the peoples names is Chestbrahh, an interesting fellow.

Whole Video Link -

**Edit [READ]

Link to the raid on the unraidable base (Just happens @ different times, people thought the first base was the unraidable one.) -

It has been brought up that this isn’t a hard base to raid… I beg to differ, the reason it was quoted to be “unraidable” is because of the forum post a few weeks ago in regards to it. Someone posted a few pictures of it, ever since that had happened big clans have been doing this. If they made the base a bit wider foundation wise, we wouldn’t have been able to raid it at all. There’s no way to do it. We were fortunate enough to have the clan build not far enough, this permitted us to C4 the walls.

Some people have also said the title is misleading, this may be. To me the base seemed unraidable, nobody on our server had tried to raid it and even if it was built incorrectly it still looked just like the unraidable base. I had never built one myself either, so i thought this was a replica of the one posted on the forums. My bad guys, i won’t be misleading next time. The base also had 15 players in it, sure not at that current time but the team is bloody huge. We waited and waited, then we made our move.

One last note, i’ll be working a lot harder on the next video. I’ve gotten some positive feedback from this so far and it’s made my day and i want to thank you all for that. Hope to talk to you all soon!

ONE LAST, LAST NOTE. I’ve also been accused for having a no recoil hack which is somehow an overlay? Anyway, i laughed that off. People can hold their opinions to themself, but i know i don’t hack. I’ll be the first to admit i’m not the best player but i’m good enough to drop players and correct my recoil. Those few dislikes are from them bringing the old hate train.**

**Link the the “Unraidable Base Plan”


Not exactly a fortress you are hitting there…

Later on it is

Edit Here’s the part where we DO raid the supposed unraidable base

Awesome vid mate! But yeah, miss a naked dude that much again and I will have to force you to uninstall

Fantastic work.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Nice video, good to hear an aussie for once. They were definitely Shardy inbred cunts aye.

You bet mate, thanks for the comment also. :slight_smile:

Thanks :D!

Just out of interest… Why was their base supposedly unraidable? What’s to stop someone going up to their front door (I assume they have one) with 20 C4 and blowing every door off? I ask purely because someone used 18 C4 on my base yesterday blowing every single door off (yet still didn’t find where I actually keep my loot).

Well a few weeks ago, there was a thread for a supposed “Unraidable Base”, it had pillars all around it and the base was high. People thought you couldn’t raid it as you couldn’t place C4 on it. Everyone thought it was unraidable as you couldn’t reach the main centeral building. We were lucky enough to be able to place C4 on the wall. The first base was a spastic base, the second one was the unraidable.

Sorry if i’m not clear, i’m horrible at explaining things via text. Hope you enjoyed the video :slight_smile:

just add more pillars around the base and it becomes unraidable again lol

In essence :slight_smile: Those guys were stupid as fuck, we took our chance to raid them!

great vid man

This Base was build wrong… thats why it got raided…

Yea… They weren’t amazingly good. At least they learned the hard way.

Bit of a correction to make there - it was designed as a ‘C4-proof’ base, in response to all the noobs duping 100’s of C4. The idea was to make it as difficult to raid if you had 10 C4 or 1000, and it did achieve that. When built to the final spec in that thread, the only way to raid it is with certain object placement glitches which are impossible to combat, and unfixable by anyone except the Rust devs. By abusing those glitches one can get close enough to the ‘real’ base to blow a wall and breach. Oh, it was also raidable with a superjump cheat, but I’m not really counting that as it’s not using the vanilla game.

Yea basically that. Thanks for clearing it up for me xD

I beg to differ. I have raided a harder base, perhaps I’ll upload a video of it soon enough.

It is possible, is very tricky, much harder than what you’ve done in the video (we’ve spent roughly 1.5 hours, and used about 5-6 c4, and MUCH more constructions than you guys. Also, we wouldn’t be able to do this without certain sacrifices :))

this is correct. like OP is saying here, this base design IS unraidable. this house they raided at 9m in is just some terrible clan’s poor attempt at recreating the unraidable design, and they clearly failed (by making only 2 sets of outside pillars instead of 3).

your thread title is inaccurate, OP, since you’re implying that the actual “unraidable” base is not unraidable.