Raiding vs Base Building

I’ve been playing Rust for quite a while now, and while I do really enjoy what little content there currently is - there’s one thing that bothers me. And that is raiding.

I find it to be absolutely ridiculous how easily people can get into your house and steal EVERYTHING you have in less than an hour. In the end, it really makes no sense to spend the time to make a bigger house/base - since people can just attach stairs to it and get inside super easily anyway.

I love the modular building and think it will get even better when new content gets added, but being able to build onto others player’s buildings really has to go. It’s way too unfair when you and your friends spend over 20 hours building a base, getting material and resources - and then someone can just break into it with some wood and/or C4.

I’d understand the whole C4 deal if they weren’t so absurdly easy and cheap to make. Until costs for items are re-done, this game remains ridiculously unbalanced and biased towards being a raider.

C4 you can prepare for to some extent, but other people putting down a foundation outside your house and then just put staircase on staircase to get into your base is quite frankly outright bullshit.

Hopefully some kind of buddy system might come in place, where you can allow certain people you trust to build on your house as well as enter it. Either way, this is something that has to be fixed very soon in my opinion.

I’ve entirely given up on building houses since it serves no purpose at all. Sometimes it feels like a small shed with a wooden door makes for better protection simply because more geared up players are more likely to leave it be.

C4’s are not cheap to make, and if people can attach stairs to your base it means you have built a bad base.

Sure they are! Just find a hacker that has 500 of them -_-

Almost every group has unlimited c4 due to duping and all the cheating going on. Game isn’t fun in it’s current state for the people that make it to end game and lose everything to all the hackers.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

You shouldn’t have to build a maze or 10 floor tower with 30+ doors just so you can leave your stuff while you’re at work. It is still a flawed and unbalanced system gary has said in his AMA that this is being worked on.

Do you have a link to that? i’d like to read it

They really are though, the only difficult thing is to get your hands on Explosives and research it. The Explosives themselves aren’t too ‘expensive’ to craft - nor is the actual C4 itself.

To me, the whole point of a house/base is to feel safe while you’re offline, however, nowadays I just log off between some rocks because it’s much safer.

Building a house will only get attention, especially if you have metal doors.

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