Raiding vs. Trolling

Since people seem to be way to unintelligent to understand the difference between the two (either they have not actually played the game, or are to stupid to spend 10 minutes to actually think about the issues) I will try to break it down for you.

Trolling: The use of low-resource items for the SOLE purpose of annoying (griefing) players. This primarily includes abusing the mechanics of the game in order to wall off peoples houses and essentially box them in their own house, without giving the person in the house any ability to stop you. I’m not talking about the equivalence of building a fence around their house. I’m talking about the equivalence of someone walking to your front door. And pouring concrete directly in front of your doors and windows.

Raiding: The use of high-resource items (grenades/explosives) to tactfully gain entry into a persons house/building in order to try to a) take ownership of the house, or b) steal all of their loot. This is a very legitimate part of the game and gives the owner of the house every opportunity to defend his base due to the nature of how long it takes to break down doors/walls.

Trolling is NOT ok for the longevity of this game.

Raiding is perfectly fine, and is one of the MAIN attractions for this game.

Now can we finally have a constructive discussion on how to eliminate or at the least limit the amount of trolling that is currently possible in this stage of the game? Because with the recent updates, I don’t think the developers have a very clear plan to do so, unless they have some grande idea in mind that is taking a while to develop in which case, a statement would be nice so players wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

both are ok because they’re both playing a pvp survival game

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is this really necessary in a new thread instead of just posting in your old one

I’m sure you guys can come to an agree to disagree judgement before this thread is blocked.:dance:

Apparently so, my thread was dealing with trolling, yet was getting filled with people talking about raiding…no matter HOW many times I tried to explain in that thread the difference, people would continue not understanding the difference, INCLUDING you. I’m glad your opinion on trolling is that it should be allowed, please move along now and stop posting in my threads as we have different opinions, and you should make your own thread explaining why trolling SHOULD stay a part of the game, and we can let the community/developers decide which direction to go in.

it’s almost as if i think there’s no difference and you completely ignore that and call me an idiot

so please stop thinking that posting a thread makes you the owner of it as it’s a public forum where anyone can contribute

and i’m not going to make a thread about why trolling should stay a part of the game because it needlessly clogs up the forum and fragments the discussion across many different threads

Their is a difference, I posted and explained clearly what the differences are, do you not comprehend the differences? Or do you just refuse to acknowledge that their are differences? Your only counter argument is that “its a survival game” which in it of itself is a completely meaningless statement.

You say you don’t want to make threads to clog forums…more like you have no real idea wtf your talking about, and are here to just troll every thread that gets made dealing with Rust. Some people think this game has potential and are trying to give their opinions to help it…your sitting here saying nothing should change and it should stay completely as it is! Release the game today Helk it’s fine!!!

Three threads this conversation is going on in, now? Awesome.

Again, I’m going to stress that if you can be “trolled” so easily by people building convoluted structures near your house/base, you deserve it. Laying the materials that you need to box people in down takes time to do. Ample time for you to retaliate and actually kill the supposed troll.

In the case of structures near your base? Shoot people that get close to your base if you’re that paranoid.

It actually does not take ‘ample time’. You can build structures INSTANTLY. All your suggesting is that people sit in their base all day and never leave.

oh my god stop it

i know what you consider the differences as but i don’t agree that those differences make trolling something that should be stopped

my argument is “it’s a survival game where the point is to survive, not to build a house

i am here to tell you that walls should be destructible and that you shouldn’t force people to not build next to other people’s houses. i don’t think the game is fine as it is - it’s actually really shitty as it is. there are tons of ways to improve the game but making walls indestructible or forcing people to build their houses in other places are not some of them

now i think you should go look up what a strawman argument is

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no he’s suggesting the opposite really

You’re telling me that you can place all 9 parts it takes to box a player in an instant? Come on, you have a sprint key and a weapon, be it hatchet or a gun. Don’t sit there and allow yourself to be victimized, retaliate and fight back. You can’t be passive in this game, standing completely still and typing out your life’s story on how you’re a friendly or whatever will get you trapped, killed, looted, or more.

It’s survival of the fittest. You take whatever advantages you can get over your opponent, be it “trolling” or actually killing them- it’s legitimate.

Post a picture of a house that you claim is not easily trollable, and I’ll explain to you how easy it actually is.

he’s not saying that you can build a house that’s not easily trollable

he’s saying that you can shoot someone trying to troll you


Yes he is, you clearly don’t have ANY reading comprehension skills. Go take some summer english courses please.

please point out where he says that you can build an untrollable house

What are you on about? That’s not the point I’m getting at, here. Where do these “trolls” get all the time to place everything they need to apparently ruin your base? SHOOT THEM AS THEY ARE BUILDING. It seriously can’t be that hard!

If it happens while you are logged out, that’s too bad. Spend the time clearing out what they messed up, or take the easier route and pack up, relocate, and rebuild your base. You’re expecting every settlement you make to be permanent and absolutely safe. This can NEVER be the case in a game like this.

Once again getting personal… sigh…

Again…people LEAVE their bases for 10-15 minutes at a time if not longer. It takes…10-15 seconds to place down the foundations and pillars and walls. I don’t know how much easier I can make it for you…

you leave your base, you open yourself up to attacks

sorry that’s how every single pvp game works

Um what? You initially said “he’s not saying that you can build a house that’s not easily trollable”…now you are saying “please point out where he says that you can build an untrollable house”

Make up your mind. Which do you want me to explain to you? Or in your convoluted head, is saying ‘easily trollable’ the same as ‘untrollable’