video of our raid on modified gaming! #Intangible

hey just check the video out and like and sub please we got plenty of more raids and gameplay getting put up

Annoying-ass music, annoying commentary, lackluster play, and you didn’t even try to embed your link. Sorry, sucked. Also don’t bump your threads please.

wow youre a huge dick. making fun of middle schoolers trying to have fun? youre cool

Did you expect better? Take some criticism you little baby. That’s what happens when you post videos. Oh also, your profile says you are 44. Either way, you are a liar.

dont need youre criticism… youre a person sitting behind a computer hating on people having fun. i think you might be a little jelous

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understand if youre trying to help us out but you said it in a dicky matter

Jealous of what, not being able to take a bit of criticism? If you are ever going to be successful, you are going to learn to take criticisms for what they are. and being “dicky” has got nothing to do with it, you will see a lot worse if you continue to get popular and make videos. You will get fans who love everything you put out, and people like me, who just don’t really like it.

kk ty

Just get rid of the music, keep commentary to a minimum, and actually embed your video and it would be a little better.

how do i embed a video?

[V I D E O][/V I D E O] without any spaces in the bracketed texts.


and ur dog

no im a cat

sick raid