Railgun from Quake 2

Hey, I did it in december 2008 and decided to release it, maybe someone will use it. It’s only Railgun so far. I’m noob at modelling to this day, if I will learn more, I will convert more weapons from Quake2 or maybe make ragdolls of monsters. But not now…


There is only railgun: worldmodel and viewmodel. Both without animations and bones. Still useable as viewmodel even without anims.

You could get Quake 2 or have it already to use it, even if there is Quake2 demo with most of content, especially weapons. If someone want to remake this old cool weapon, feel free to use my model or edit it. But plz giv me credit so I know it’s mine ;).

PS. There is Swep in archive too, even spawnlist for future models, but swep is shit as I don’t know lua.



I’m workin’ on it again :smiley: there are results:


Nice always did like the Railgun :smiley:

my god you got my download gmod needs more quake stuff

looks way too low res

It’s Quake 2, you know right? I think it was about 1997 right?

The model looks bad but it’s awesome due to the nostalgia factor.

Now all we need is a low res ragdoll to take this on a high res rampage.

ssshhh he was trying to be clever, i like the railgun bit like a sniper right if thats the one im thinking of :slight_smile:

Great Model, i have played this when im 6 years old, i have died in 1 level before Makron.
Editing the SWEP, making it better.
Can you make the Railgun ammo model?

I have used Ultras RailGun and modified some things, now it looks real.

FUCK YEAR! I still play this game, thought about doing the BFG yet?

Maybe other quake generation weapons.

Me too, highfive!

Could be even simplier :V

I dont want an HD Ammo model, only the old one.
Edit: Can you make the original spiral of Quake? i want this for my SWEP.

Um. Spiral? You mean this stuff from railgun? um, It was just code in Quake2, if you want, they released source so you can look/modify etc.
here is main page
here is source of Quake 2 :smiley:

Finally! Now get everything else ;p

I mean the ''Laser Spiral when you shoot."

I think me too xD it’s coded in engine, eventually there are sprites in pak, but I’m not sure with second option…

Cancel my Requests please RavMahov.
I have the finished swep:
Enjoy :wink: